Falcon 500 or Neo for SDS Swerve?

Deciding whether to use Falcon 500 or Neos for SDS MK4 swerve. Having trouble seeing any solid reason to choose one over the other. Have never used Falcons before however we have plenty of experience with the CTRE control system. Used Neos for swerve (MK2s) for the past two years with good results. Recommendations, thoughts?
Edit: I am a programmer, so this is more from a programming perspective, although if there are any mechanical challenges (which as far as I can see there are not), I will also take those into account.

It sounds like you already have Neos on-hand. In that case, I’d go with them since the performance increase isn’t that big, and Falcons are currently nearly $200 each due to supply issues.

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We have to buy new ones either way, our neos are two years old, with probably a year of twice weekly use.

Have you noticed a drop in performance in your old neos?


It’s hard to tell, but I’m sure there has been. We don’t have any data and there was a good six months they went unused.

NEOs and Falcons won’t degrade the way CIMs and other brushed motors do. As long as you haven’t had repeated, high-current draw events or sustained high temperatures, they’re likely very close to factory performance.


This is good to know, thanks.
We will be buying new motors no matter what, because we don’t have neos enough for two drivetrains (8 neos each) and anything else (shooter, etc.).

I know that we have had better luck with falcons than neos. The built in motor controllers in the falcon 500 have been a lot easier for us to deal with than the spark maxes, so we have switched to primarily using the falcons. We used falcons with our mk3 swerve last year and it worked pretty well.

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One of the benefits to brushless motors is their longevity. Brush and commutator wear is what causes a typical motor to degrade and wear out. The sole wear point becomes the bearings. The brushless motors seen in Hybrids and EVs last for 2-300,000 miles. So yeah just buy enough NEOs to have the number needed and if you feel better about it put the new ones on the competition chassis and the older ones on the practice chassis.

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