Falcon 500 Overheating

Hi first of all

we have completely finished our regionals a week ago and we had some problem our build season first we found snapped can cable on one of our Falcon 500 we emailed CTRE and we solved without removing motor controller cap but we recieved another problem with our another falcon we were using our falcon and we want to check heats of falcons and one of our falcons nearly too hot from others BTW they are in all drivetrain so removed and putted in test we started to turn motor we waited to cool down and we started turning with a control falcon and it starts overheating from motor controller side and sometimes it make some strange noise not stall whistle but it happens too rarely we removed from our system and put new falcon but I have still thinking what happened to falcon ? like I remember that its working 3 weeks ago but it start overheating one week after or We didn’t checked any time or we just overthinking we can still using what if use again ?

Have you checked the output shaft assembly for damage? It could be binding internally.

I dont actually remember but ı remember that some of our falcons have get loosing their shaft after working we solved it but i think there is no damage but I noted to look shaft condition because we collected our lab for next season but I noted I wıll look it cant be happened from electrical thing right like a thing that can cause heating ?

and extra how can we understand shaft is damaged ?

You’ll have to take apart the motor and look for damage on the shaft and the parts that interface with it (such as the bearings and rotor spline).

An electrical problem could also be to blame, but I’m more likely to believe overheating and noise is mechanical.

If there is a problem in shaft like if its damaged we need to change shaft right ? and what if we used in our systems with this condition can falcon burn ?

Yes, the motor could burn itself out if you continue to use it under these conditions. I’m not sure if VEX is selling replacement shafts for the new Falcons.

Ok I will talk with our mentors and our captain for the falcon because we don’t want to lose our falcon especially for our future because we are Turkish team we probably get a new falcon but I will make updates

thanks for your help :smile:

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