Falcon 500 Programming Help

I am a senior member of team 6424 Stealth Panther Robotics and I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else if having problems integrating falcon 500’s and talon fx’s into their control systems. Currently, our team is working on a proto robot that has a talon srx controlling one arm that has a limit switch on either end of its travel. We also have a falcon 500 that controls a smaller arm that has its separate limit switches. Everything in the code has been working, but we are having intermittent issues. Where sometimes we run our code and then errors pop up on the dashboard, it has been mainly error 7. If anyone has any helpful tips or further questions please let me know and I hope everyone else has a good build season!

Would you be willing to post the code (or screenshot it) that controls both arm segments?

Post a screenshot or full verbatim message. FYI, it is still in your DS Log (the plot view).

From the log files in the driver station, this is the errors we were getting.

This is our code from LabVIEW that we have been using, it is still in progress and all the comments are from other students. Disregard the comments. The current way we move everything on our robot is through periodic tasks.
2020 Rhino

That error message occurs when Phoenix VIs are called and our library files aren’t on the roboRIO.

These are placed on the roboRIO when you do a “Build” and “Run as Startup” after installing Phoenix on your machine.
So if you’re using the run arrow in Robot Main and haven’t done a permanent deploy yet, that can cause this issue.

We document the need for the libraries in our setup documentation here:
Also, per the note in the documentation you may need to re-start your roboRIO after doing a “Run as Startup” for the libraries to be found correctly.

This should only need to be done once after re-imaging the RIO - after this you can deploy/run in whichever manner and the libraries are already installed.

@JBaker6424 You say in your original post that the issue is intermittent - can you provide the steps that you’re doing when the issue occurs?

What we did to solve the issue was to create a blank project that only had a talon srx and a talon fx reference in begin, but it still included the rest of the parts of a generic project. After that we built and ran as start-up, to establish a basic base program. To run our other code, the 2020 Rhino, we ran the code through robot main. Could that be the source of our problems, since we were repeatedly running and terminating the code through robot main? We would also reset the rio sometimes first through the driver station and then do the step outlined above. That is what we have done to fix the issue in the short term, but the error 7 keeps popping up irregularly.