Falcon 500 shows quick blinking green LEDs while disalbed

We have 2 Falcon 500s on our shooter. One of them has normal LED lights (Orange in disabled, blinking green while moving forward) and one of them continuously rapidly blinks green, even with the robot disabled.

The Falcon does not show up in Phoenix, and when unplugging/plugging the motor back in, it goes to orange for a second then back to rapid green.

Anyone else have this issue? Any solution?

Have you tried disconnecting it from all other devices to see what the status LEDs do?

We have the same issue; falcon is blinking green and it doesn’t show up in Phoenix Tuner. We tried disconnecting CAN Bus to see if the blinking will change, but it didn’t. Also, we connected CAN bus to different ports on PDH, but it didn’t work.

At the beginning, the gearbox with two falcons was working normally, then we disabled the robot and one of the falcons didn’t appear on Phoenix Tuner. The other one is working normally. Anyone has a solution??

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