Falcon 500 stall holding position

We’re using a mechanism to angle our shooter in which a motor has to hold a pretty significant weight. We’re using a Falcon 500 and motion magic, and the motion is great, we’re hitting setpoints easily, but as soon as the shooter comes to a stop in an upwards position, the motors make a stalling sound. We’re using less than a volt to hold position (at around 8-10 Amps) and the motor isn’t getting hot, but I’m at a bit of a loss as for how to stop the stalling sound. It’s really annoying overall, and I don’t think our motor is being damaged.

It’s worth mentioning that the mechanism has springs on it to help it lift from it’s lower position, but that the springs actively fight the motor in a higher position. Maybe we should just get rid of the springs?

How about try connecting a gearbox to add more torque? Also, it would definitely help if you have an encoder on top.

ctre call this the “stall whistle” feature, and it’s not harmful per se, it’s just confirming that the motor is receiving a movement command but not moving, which it sounds like is what you want.

Phoenix 6 has a torque feed forward feature that might be good here if you aren’t already aware.

Our arm was configured like this last year, stalled almost constantly, but the motors never got hot because of how little current the mechanism drew.

You should be ok as long as you’re not hitting thermal limits. The noise does get annoying though.