Falcon 500 troubles

A few of our Falcon 500 motors only work when we remove the cases, the screws seem to be preventing the Falcons from spinning. Any suggestions, the internals appear exactly the same as those that work.

Try PSA: Falcon Failure Mode fpr advice.


Yeah this is the issue we were attempting to fix. Not sure what went wrong?

Do you have pictures?

Remove all the set screws and make sure the mounting bolts don’t penetrate too far. And while you’re at it, loctite the shaft bolts.


My coach finally kicked me out but I will get some tmrw.

I’ll try this out tmrw, thanks!

The screws that come with the motor are a couple MM too long when you use them for mounting to a frame. When you tighten the screws the tip digs into the motor stator. I suggest using a shorter 10-32 screw.

Also the magnet is very strong maKe sure no nuts or set screws get near the magnets while assembling. Real easy to do.


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