Falcon 500 vs victor sp in the code

we are currently using a victor sp for our shooter motor
how much of a code change would it be to use a falcon 500 instead of a victor sp
am i correct in assuming its just a few word change of instead of VictorSP its TalonFX ?

Assuming both PWM or both CAN and the same PWM port or CAN ID, the change to the code will be that simple. If CAN, I’m not sure if the Falcon and Victor code are part of the same download; if not, you may have to download and install another library.

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I haven’t personally used the TalonFX, but yes, creating the object is as simple as just changing the name. There may be aspects of the API that are slightly different:


You may find the WPI_TalonFX easier to use if you’re used to using the wpilib PWM-based variants.

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