Falcon 500 with mecanum drive

Using java I am trying to feed 4 TalonFX objects into a “MecanumDrive” object but VsCode is throwing the error “The constructer MecanumDrive(TalonFX,TalonFX, TalonFX, TalonFX) is undefined”. How would I be able to use the Talons with a mecanum drivetrain?

post your code please.

Our repository is

and the code I am referencing is in the Drivetrain.java class. Thank you!

Use WPI_TalonFX


Thank you so much! Im so dumb how did I not realize it would have the same naming convention as the victors.

Inexperienced. Not dumb - smart enough to ask for help. It’s easy enough to miss details, you’ll just keep developing a keener eye for them :slight_smile:


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