Falcon 500 with VersaPlanetary redactions

Hey, I’m Itamar from team BumbleB #3339.
Our team plans on making the switch to using Falcon 500 instead of Neo motors.
We use the VersaPlanetary redactions and we were wondering if we have to use the “VersaPlanetary Motor Couplers” in order to use the VersaPlanetary redactions with the Falcon 500 or we can just skip the adapter or use a different one.
We will appreciate any help from teams with experience in the matter.
Thanks :grin:

Use the adaptors, they make it very easy. We even printed a few when the adaptors were on backorder.


Thanks for the comment.
Where can you find a CAD for the adapters?
We gonna try using printed ones until our order will arrive .

Vex Pro website.


I think there are two adapters that are needed in this application. One is the Versaplanetary Motor Coupler between the Falcon 500 splined shaft and the Versaplanetary input gear. The other is the Versaplanetary CIM Adapter that is needed to mount a motor with a 2" bolt circle onto the superstructure of a Versaplanetary.

I would expect that using a printed Versaplanetary CIM Adapter is pretty straightforward. It’s a plastic part as purchased. I’m guessing that this is the part @IndySam mentions printing, but I’m not completely sure. A printed version of the Versaplanetary Motor Coupler is more questionable. It’s easy enough to try, I suppose, but I wouldn’t be surprised if printed plastic could not handle the torque of that connection in many cases.

CAD for both parts is available from the “CAD Files” tabs on the web pages behind the links provided above.


No I meant the coupler, that’s what the OP asked about.
The printed ones did eventually break but they actually worked pretty well.
We printed them out of ABS.

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