Falcon 500

Hi CD, with the fact that Infinity Recharge is going to be replayed, our team decided to redesign again some mechanisms, the question here is, do anyone know when the falcon 500 motors will be back in stock? We are planning to use them in our mechanisms.



From the VEX page:

Falcon production has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the unprecedented nature of this situation, we cannot confirm how long the delays will last for existing backorders.

So, I don’t think anyone can give you an answer at this time.

That notice seems rather old, so you may want to contact VEX or Andymark support and see if they have a better idea.


As with any of the other products that depleted their stock during the season, we usually replenish those in the fall to prepare for the upcoming season.


@Jon_Jack any updated news on when in the Fall your supplier is targeting to have Falcons en-route to your Vex distributors?


Tagging onto this, any plans to get some of the testing data from the Falcons similar to the other motors on motors.vex.com?

Still sometime in the Fall, but I wouldn’t expect anything before mid-October. I’m sure we’ll make an announcement on when we expect them back in stock, along with some of the changes we made.

Yes, there are plans.


Neat, anything you can share here now? As we allocate budgets it would be nice to know if we should anticipate purchasing a new iteration.

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The changes are all minor. Nothing to the motor or controller themselves. There will also be low cost options for retrofitting any existing motors you have.


@Jon_Jack, have there been any announcements on when Falcons will be back in stock?

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I mean, it IS mid-October.

But when that’s the earliest to expect info, and nothing’s come out in the meantime to adjust, I’d say that something can be expected in the next month or so, even if it’s just a “we don’t know yet”.

This is true – my bad

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@Jon_Jack Any update on when there will be an update?


Just got a reply from Vex. Late Dec. but no hard date.

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