Falcon 500s not showing up in can bus or phoenix tuner

Hello Everyone, We are having a can issue where the loop is completely fine until we plug in our falcon 500 motors. I opened phoenix tuner as well as phoenix tuner x and they did not show up when wired into the can circuit. The rest of the can is functioning as normal until we wire in the falcon 500 can wires. Any idea what could be causing this? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Did you follow their troubleshooting steps?

What are the LEDs showing?

Does everything else on the CAN bus keep working when you plug in the Falcons? If not, use an ohm meter to check the resistance between the green and yellow wires with the Falcons connect. You should see around 60 ohms.

If everything keeps working when you plug in the Falcons, try connecting only the Rio, power panel, and one Falcon at a time to the see if a Falcon will show up.

we followed the troubleshooting steps, they are blinking orange back and forth but are not showing up in the phoenix tuner nor will they run

Are these new falcons? If so they all prolly have conflicting can ids.

From this post, alternating orange would suggest that can connectivity is good but there’s not code object.

If your CAN connectivity is good, either disconnect power or remove breakers to everything except one falcon and see.

The other possibility is you’re not using the newest version of Phoenix Tuner. We had an issue on a school laptop where the 2022 version of Tuner was not able to deploy the diagnostic server to the Rio and have it run with devices showing up.

Upgrading to the 2023 software package fixed that.

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