Falcon Characterization

I am having issues with the characterization tool. I think it has to do with distances but I am not sure. I generated a project using the falcon template but the robot ran in circles so I made some changes, It was also expecting quadrature encoder so I changed it to use the falcons internal encoder, I also noticed it wanted to use wheel diameter for distance but we have a gear box. So I changed a constant of distance to encoder to to something that was measured by moving the bot in tuning mode and seeing the encoder changes.

Then the analysis tool still wanted to use wheel diameter.

Anyway here is what I have for my project and the characterization data

Robot.java (7.2 KB)


The Gain Settings Preset “Talon (2020-)” is actually incorrect. CTRE anticipated making a change to normalize PID loop outputs to be a double from 0 to 1, instead of the previous behavior of an integer from 0 to 1023. This change didn’t get implemented in the 2020 release, so for now the Talon preset for up to 2019 should still be used.


My numbers look more reasonable, I won’t know if they are really good for a while as mechanical took the bot back to mound mechanisms (I know I will have to recharacterize) but a kPVelocity of 1.29 is better, still don’t know if it is right.

Though I am still concerned that the analyzer is asking for wheel diameter. I mean a kPVelocity 1.29 (which is what I am getting now) still seems kind of low.

1.29 seems reasonable I believe. The feedforward of kV and kA will get you most of the way to your target velocity, so kP isn’t as significant.

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