Falcon Drivetrain Pathweaver Woes

Hello ChiefDelphi, struggling team here. We are having troubles characterizing our drivetrain and using Pathweaver. After issues with the robot spinning in circles during the quasistatic tests (which we fixed by changing inversions both to true???), our data looked like the following.

When we plugged these numbers into our feed forward velocity closed loop system, our motors in short, spazzed out.

Dropbox Video

We continued guessing new p-values and our closed velocity drivetrain stopped oscillating.

Moving on to Pathweaver, we struggled for a bit to get things to work. In short, our robot doesn’t follow any of our trajectories–even perfectly straight ones. We realized that we need to drive the path relative to our starting pose but fixing it didn’t help.

The two problems are probably related but we have no clue how to fix either

Leave the gain settings preset to wpilib and controller type to onboard. Re-read the trajectory following tutorial on wpilib to make sure you don’t have any other issues.

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