Falcon Hardware Errors

We are having an issue with a our intake motor. It is a Vex Falcon 500. The Falcon 500 is mounted on our intake. Our intake is pneumatically actuated. It does actuate with some authority. We start the Falcon when we drop the intake and stop it when we lift the intake. At some point, (not every time) after we lift the intake our Falcon won’t come back on it begins flashing the red/orange hardware error code. The falcon won’t come back on until it is reset by either cycling the bot power or unplugging it and plugging it back into the can. Any Ideas?

Have you contacted CTRE customer support? @ozrien

Not yet, nor have we swapped falcons.

Once we get robot time again, the things we are looking at are

  • changing the motor to brake mode so it isn’t spinning when it slam up (we are already turning it to 0 percent before raising the intake)
  • checking the mounting screw depth
  • swap falcons

Before you go through that process, use Phoenix Tuner to do a self-test snapshot while you are observing the behavior you described.

This will tell you any faults that are occurring as well as general status information about the controller. This should be done any time you’re having unexpected behavior as it will help pinpoint the root-cause of the issue.


We were doing some testing of some custom sensor pcbs on the robot and had it idling for a while, then noticed that all of our falcons were giving the “Hardware Error” fault in Phoenix Tuner and blink code.

The other fault in Phoenix Tuner was a Battery Voltage fault.
Then we looked at the battery voltage. It was 5v.
Swapped the battery and everything was fine again.

Pro Tip: Don’t let your robot idle for hours without checking the battery voltage!

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I think i will put voltage outputs on our smartdashboard to make sure but this happens when operating on a fresh battery.

I’d blame electrical and check your can wire connections, it’s possible one could have been broken after an actuation but still coming in contact if it’s loose.

We have checked it many times, it seems solid, have replaced the even and were very careful, still see it happening sometime. Though it may be the can connector inside the falcon. We have driver practice today, i have some code in to log the errors if they happen,

We are seeing
Auto Zero Position Feature are disabled
(Fault) (Now) (Sticky)
Reset Dur En : 0 1
(Fault) (Now) (Sticky)
Neutral Brake Curr Limit: 0 1

So I changed the neutral mode to from coast to brake. Haven’t ran the bot enough to be certain but it may have fixed the problem.

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