Falcon Robotics Team 842 in KVH newsletter

Thought some of you might like this. There is always a playful reference to underwater robots game in FIRST. We actually take it seriously. We do underwater robotics!

842 does underwater robotics. Let’s look at their number.

842 consists of three numbers; 8, 4, and 2.

8 is the number of glasses of water doctors recommend you drink per day. Whenever you get a glass of water, it’s always “4” something. But what could this water be for? What are there two of?

FIRST Championships. There are two FIRST Championships.

So, 842’s number has been saying this whole time that there will be water “4” the two FIRST Championships. There just haven’t been two championships yet. Until this year. Now that there are two championships that the water can go to, it means only one thing.

Water game confirmed.

In all seriousness, though, this is really cool! You guys are an inspiration to not only Arizona, but the entire FRC community! Keep being great!