Falcon Sport Gearbox with Extended Shafts

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I noticed that none of the pages for the sport gearbox extended shafts mention being compatible with the Falcon sport (just Sport and CIM Sport). The Falcon Sport page also doesn’t mention other shafts.

Has anyone tried this and can confirm if the extend shafts work in the Falcon Sport?

The only difference to speak of on the Sport gearboxes is on the input side (the Falcon Sport even appears to use the same product photos as the CIM Sport save for the pinion gear photo), so there’s no reason that shouldn’t work.

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Just to clarify, this is about the replacement output hex shaft options, which are all compatible with all “Blue Sport” gearboxes. I have updated those product pages to help make that more clear.

The Falcon Sport still requires the “Falcon Short Shaft” and is not compatible with the default Falcon motor shaft.


I am using a Blue Sport gearbox with the short shaft on a Falcon but am having a problem with the mounting screws that came with the gearbox. If I tighten them all the way, the motor shaft will not turn. If Ioosen them until the shaft spins freely, then there is space and some wobble between the gearbox and the motor. Should I add washers between the screwheads and the gearbox or have I missed something?

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First we have heard of this issue.
If anyone else has this problem please reach out via [email protected]

Is the mounting block on the correct way? There’s a boss on one side but not the other.

There’s also a pilot on the other. Based on CIM Sport assembly and the Falcon drawings, it looks like the motor should be on the pilot side and the boss should be against the thrust washer on the gearbox side.

I am assuming you have not put the gear retaining screw on falcon shaft? It is not needed.

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