Falcon Status Lights

Hi guys,

I was wondering what Orange/green falcon lights, and solid orange falcon lights mean.

Green/Orange means that the Talon FX is in boot-loader

I could just be missing it but I don’t see anything for solid orange. If the two LEDs are alternating blinking orange, that means the robot is disabled and they detect a CAN bus.


What does it mean for a Talon FX to be in boot-loader?

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The boot-loader is the program that boots the Talon FX, so it would be expected that the Talon FX will be in the boot-loader for a moment after turning on.

If it’s staying in the bootloader state for more than a second or two, could mean that the Talon was interrupted during an update - try updating again with Phoenix Tuner.

Some necessary context which I should’ve provided earlier: we’re using a two falcon arm and controlling it using motion magic to attain a setpoint. Both falcons move and flash green light s (suggesting forward throttle) when we raise the arm. However, when we are holding the arm at a particular height using motionmagic’s arbitrary feedforward functionality, one motor flashes green and the other stays a solid orange/yellow. The motor that flashes green also emits a high-pitched noise while holding position.

I’m not sure if I’m mistaken or just don’t understand, but to me it seems like the solid orange of one motor suggests that it is not helping to hold the arm in place. Right? The noise also sounds like strain on one motor… I know you mentioned a bootloader state. Do you think that is the case in this scenario? Is there something I’m overlooking?

The high pitched sound is the motor stalling. Meaning, you’re applying power to it, but it’s not moving.

If both Falcon motors are driving the same gear shaft, you should really make one the leader and put the other one as a follower to guarantee they are performing the same work.