Falcon Stock Update

WCP reports expected stock time is now late December, as opposed to this month or early-mid next month.


I feel very sorry for the teams that have to go through hoops to get their funding spent to buy FRC COTS parts in general. We’ve been through that pain for many years in the past.
They wont be able to get a lot of things this season.
Our team is getting prepared to buy things on the spot, even with the PO process. Thank God for PCards, a 501c3 account, and other non-school accounts.
With what’s been happening the past few years on supplier issues, teams should already plan and meet with their administrators and sponsors for approvals to adapt and speed up the spending process.

My team is here but! To other teams in a similar situation Blanket/Open POs appear to be the solution! Rev and Andymark support them

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