Falcon V3 shaft replacing

We have some problems with the shaft of falcon 500 V3. However, there is no V3 shaft selling now. Are there any possible solutions?

We’ve tried to replace it with a V2 shaft, however we do not know how to remove shaft base (seen below).

You can’t replace that lower shaft.

What kind of problems are you having? Is the Spline fretting?

The V3 motor is incompatible with earlier shafts. The base piece is pinned not threaded so removing it will not allow the pre-v3 shafts to be threaded in. The companies involved in the V3 Falcons are too busy suing each other to support their product.

I would not use this repair for competition. But. if fretting of the spline in the base is your issue: Squeaky clean the mating surfaces. Put enough steel filled JB Weld in the cavity to fill it when the shaft is inserted and let set. Do not dissemble after. There are other options than JB weld, but that one is easily available in the commercial market. At least in the land of free prime shipping.


We had a similar failure this year with v3 falcons. We tossed it in the trash. However we are still using v1 falcons that havent failed us since 2020.