Falcon vs. Neo for Shooter

For the teams that have access to falcons, have you seen a noticeable performance improvement in your shooter wheel when you use falcons over neos? We are planning are using neos because of their availability, and I was wondering if it was worth it to buy falcons for the flywheel.

I haven’t used neos, only falcons. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think you will have a problem using neos. There isn’t that much of a performance difference between the two. Spectrum is one team I have seen testing neos on their shooter. Here is a link to their build thread in which they talk about using them. Spectrum 3847 - Build Blog 2020


We are using a Falcon 500 on our shooter test rig at the moment at like the performance we are getting.

We tried a single falcon direct drive on the fly wheel, spin up speeds were around 2 seconds and recovery was around 1/4 second we were shooting around 3000 rpm.

We personally have only tested with Neo’s but they seem really consistent and accurate in velocity closed loop. We are using 2 neos on the shooter, and one on an accelerator wheel. Here is a test where we made it into the inner-port using numbers from our simulations (excel sheet), and simple aiming. We were running default PID numbers from REV robotics example, no fly wheel (yet) and different balls. The Neos and falcon’s seem very simmilar and I would use the motors I am most familiar with.

Edit: Spin up time was 3 seconds to 5000rpm


I LOVE this clip!


It’s the only motor you’ll ever need


We’ve tried both with similar results.

What is an accelerator wheel? I know what a fly wheel is, but I haven’t heard this term before.

Since we want to try to shoot our 5 balls as fast as possible, we have a separate wheel that is powered by its own neo to help the balls get up to speed. Here is a photo of our prototype, the bottom wheel is 4 inch at a lower RPM providing better torque, and the Shooter wheel is a 6 inch wheel at 5000 rpm.

Very impressive work !!!

You guys and gals are an inspiration for smaller team like us.

Could you provide details on your white adapter/bearing holder ? Assuming 3d printed parts?

Is this one of the spreadsheets that is posted here on Chief Delphi, or was it something that your team developed on your own?

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They look like HypeBlocks


They are indeed HYPEBlocks, Max and 5254 did an awesome job designing them, they let us swap pulleys and belts really quickly. We have used those and our protopipe system extensively this season.


We used spreadsheets that were on here. We didn’t only use one and we also used one on desmos. Basically we calculated a magic curve where most shots we wanted would go in (from 10ft -38ft).

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Do you think you could expand on this? My team is currently tuning our shooter and the calculators don’t seem to be incredibly accurate, this may be due to some slip that we don’t know about but I’m not sure

Are you using a hooded shooter? What’s your target velocity, and what wheel diameter/output RPM do you have?

Very cool!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Will be printing quite a bunch!!!

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Yeah, we’re using a hooded shooter with two 4" solid Fairlane wheels with 1" of compression on the ball. I don’t have the speed data currently but I’ll get that tomorrow during practice

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