Falcon... wired backwards?

We have a falcon (older hardware revision, post supposed addition of QC procedures that got the stickers on the box) that has never been used until now. It appears to run in the opposite direction to all our other falcons.

Inversion and direction control works fine, but it just spins the opposite direction of what would be expected. We’re using the temporary diagnostic server and the Phoenix tuner control tab to avoid any code issues.

We’ve tried factory resets, various settings, etc… Not sure what to do about it now. Any ideas?

Is it physically identical (at least on the outside) to what it should look like for that revision?

I seem to recall in years past CIMs having red and black leads swapped. Obviously this is a little different.

Yup. Virtually identical aside from the year marking we put on the side in paint marker.

Sounds similar to Falcon 500 inverts even after factory reset

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Could you send an email to our support at [email protected] regarding the issue?

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