Falcon500 stock

Has anyone heard when falcons are going to be in stock?

We have sn order in for 10. Last i heard it was late this year or early next year

According to the WCP stock status page, sometime in “early January”. Based on the comment next to it on that page (“this is the latest ETA we have”), that sounds like an educated guess that VEX has told WCP, and could easily be pushed back again.

CTRE has a restock estimate still of “late 2022”, but their office/warehouse is now closed until January 2nd, so thats clearly not going to happen.

Hate to be a debby downer, but I wouldnt be holding my breath on receiving falcons this season (or at least not during the first month of build season).


Pure speculation, but something tells me VEX does not have the most aboveboard relationship with their supplier overseas. I’d definitely not count on a restock.


Please don’t turn this thread into that. Theres other threads for that.


Damn. Good info. You are probably right.


Maybe I misundersrood what he said but I believe he was reffering to the fact that their estimates keep getting pushed back and guesses that their supplier(somwhere overseas) is not being completley upfront with them…

We saw with REV that their estimates were at least pretty accurate( within the range of a few weeks), and they also recieve products from an overseas supplier.


I think @Oblarg is referring to the fact that there seems to be a black market for knockoff falcons in China.


Well, didn’t know that. Oops


I don’t mean this in a “we should dogpile Vex” sort of way. I mean this purely in an instrumental, “should we expect access to this product this season” sort of way. The evidence points to “no.” Both posts above provide good reasons.


Okay gotcha gotcha. My mistake.

I just noticied from searching around the last time someone asked something like this the theead turned into a thread about how awful vex is, rsther than helping that person find the information he or she was seeking.


So - with the idea that Falcons may not be in stock in time - or that the stock will not be heavy enough in supply - what steps would the community recommend to reuse prior year Falcons? Ie. What should we inspect/check/replace?

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Assuming that they have not been super abused, have had the loctite applied on the shaft screws, and cables are still in good condition you should be able to just clean them off and re use them as they are. Worse case scenario, take them apart and check the bearings if they have seen a lot of abuse. Brushless motors like falcons and neos have a lot less wear components than old school brushed ones.

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Take the case off and make sure the shaft screws haven’t started to back out. Check the nose bearing to see if there’s any signs of wear or rubbing from internal elements.

And where can we acquire said Hawk sqrt(250000) motors? The only motor you’ll never need


Where was this discussed?

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I would imagine stock would be released around kickoff, similar to most other vendors

Are these actual Falcons, or an identical (or counterfeit) off-brand? If the latter, they’re going to be illegal under rule R501.

From what I’ve read they’re on brand

This has been discussed elsewhere, but there is nothing inherent to the motor that could distinguish it as genuine or counterfeit. So-called “third shift” products often lack the holographic seal of quality, QR code tied into some verification system, etc, that get applied by the distributor. Notably, that’s usually done after stateside QC :roll_eyes: The Falcon500 has nothing of the sort, which makes “counterfeit” motors for the real factory effectively impossible to create.
I doubt the factory would go through the effort of retooling when it seems they would have no issue selling random stock off the books.