Falcons in the White House!

Well, we never got to go when we won the chairman’s, but we finally got representation! Three of the Falcons got the chance to go for the White House Science Fair. They were up on the podium with the president. We saw a live webscast! Got a random anonymous pic sent our way. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/p480x480/420666_123261877869997_690969282_n.jpg We had Bianca Rodriguez, John Rangel and Dillon Dayea. They will be flying back today and heading to St. Luis on Wednesday!

It will be an experience they will never forget.

It was fun watching it live!



Here is another pic from WH


Found a link with the president’s speech. You can see Dillon Dayea over his shoulder to the right with an 842 shirt on!



so your whole team did not go? still not fair. the entire team deserves the trip.

when rachel showed me the picture i assumed it was all 842.

see you soon,

your combustion friends

It would be schedule overload if their entire team goes to DC right before FIRST Championship :stuck_out_tongue:

Any representation is great representation, sometimes you have to play the cards you are delt

the science fair got big last year, about 100 participants from about 50 organizations. there isn’t room for whole teams.

Great representation of FIRST there! Myself (3928 on the left), a representative from Bomb Squad (16), and 3 members from 842. There was also the Atomic Flying Monkeys FLL team along with LANDROID FTC Team #4220.

It was nice meeting all of you there!

That Bomb Squad representative is my son, John Taylor Novak, and it was a remarkable experience. And very difficult to travel to Washington the week of the Championship. Thanks to FIRST and all the team members for an excellent showing at the event. I was extremely proud to be there.