Fall 2010 Scholarship Opportunity at Illinois Tech (Illinois Institute of Technology)

for 2010 graduates and transfer students who are either on the fence about where to go to school for this fall, or who don’t quite have the financial aid they need to attend their chosen college, take a look at Illinois Tech (classes start 8/23). They are still accepting applications AND they still have need-based and merit-based money for qualified students.

Don’t rule it out because it is a private university; you may be surprised how affordable it can be after financial aid is factored in. Apply online today (they are fast-tracking applications) and feel free to contact me, Jackie Moore at 773.817.3621 or [email protected] if you need help with the process.

I have copied below the full text of an email sent out yesterday that shows their commitment to engaging more students. Its a long read, but worth it!

August 2010

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Community Leaders:

As we prepare for the beginning of another academic year, we are reminded daily of media reports on lagging job growth, the persistence of long-term unemployment, the challenges students face in securing educational loans, and the insufficient financial aid packages that prevent many outstanding collegians from returning to school this fall. The current state of affairs in Chicago, the State of Illinois, and throughout our nation is especially disquieting because these reports are coupled with insistence from all sides on the importance of a bachelor’s degree for success today, and mobility tomorrow.

The very unfortunate fact is that there are hundreds and hundreds of well-qualified students across this nation—the next generation of engineers, psychologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and architects—who will not enroll in a college or university this fall because of a lack of access to the necessary financial resources. Another set of students will not return to college this fall as a result of a lack in continued funding. This is, with no exaggeration, a tragedy for our young people in the short-term and for our professions and nation in the long-term.

At the encouragement of several secondary school guidance counselors, community college transfer coordinators, alumni, parents, and community leaders, we are establishing—in the spirit of the Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic this weekend—a “call to action” in response to this important and urgent situation. Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is joining with teachers, parents, and community organizations in a national campaign to reach out to recent secondary school and community college graduates to initiate conversations about their plans for Fall 2010. In addition to asking each student to share their dreams and goals with us, we are asking two very simple questions:

Have the students chosen a place to begin their academic studies?
Have they secured a financial aid package for Fall 2010?
If the answer to either of these questions is “No” and these students are interested in the fields of architecture, business, engineering, mathematics, political science, psychology, science, or technology, then we are very interested in talking to them. We would gladly introduce them to the educational opportunities available at Illinois Institute of Technology. To support these students’ efforts and ambitions, IIT will not only accept their applications for Fall 2010, but will also commit up to 100 new scholarships for students who apply throughout this weekend. (Our academic year begins on Monday, August 23rd; orientation begins on Wednesday, August 19th.).

IIT shares your unwavering commitment to creating access to outstanding opportunities for this generation; please share our application with a prospective first-year or transfer student! IIT provides students with financial opportunities that help meet their need, as well as reward their outstanding academic, professional, and leadership abilities; and commitment to community service and development. In addition to federal financial aid, upon admittance, students will be considered for several IIT merit-based scholarships.

First-year Students

IIT will commit up to 50 Heald and University Scholarships of up to $10,000 each per year.
In addition, students planning to reside on our campus will receive a $1,500 Housing Scholarship.
Additional need-based assistance is available.
Transfer Students

IIT will commit up to 50 Transfer Tuition Scholarships of up to $17,000 per year.
Student members of Phi Theta Kappa are eligible for a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship of $5,000 per year.
In addition, students planning to reside on our campus will receive a $1,500 Housing Scholarship.
Additional need-based assistance is available.
To learn more about these scholarships, as well as academic programs and other opportunities at IIT, please contact me via email at [email protected] or contact my colleague, Terrika Worthon, at [email protected]. Ms. Worthon—who received her B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT in 2009—joined our staff as a Scarlet Hawk Admission Counselor this year to work with IIT alumni in assisting students on their transition to IIT. She is available to answer any of your questions regarding admission and financial aid; and to expedite these processes for all applicants. Marya Spont, Community Liaison and Outreach Coordinator for IIT Undergraduate Admission, is also available to assist students; she can be contacted at [email protected].

Fall classes begin on August 23rd and IIT is prepared to work around the clock to make things happen for exceptional young people. We are aware that you may know many promising engineers, scientists, future entrepreneurs, aspiring doctors, and architects who are still looking for academic opportunities for the fall. We hope you will consider the academic, financial, and professional possibilities afforded to the students you refer, who may be interested in completing their undergraduate studies at IIT. In this—as in all things—we thank you for joining with us.


Gerald P. Doyle
Vice Provost
Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid
Illinois Institute of Technology

P.S. Illinois Institute of Technology offers 28 different majors in the fields of architecture, business, engineering, mathematics, psychology, science, and technology. We are happy to speak with you and students about any and all of our outstanding academic programs.

P.P.S. To speak with me directly, please call or send a text to my work cell at 773.505.5473. I would be pleased to talk with you regarding any prospective student(s) you might recommend.