Fall Classic!!!!!! Now and originally hosted by 599

Hey CD,
The date is being talked about, but it is happening. RoboDox team 599 are hosting Fall Classic. I know its early, but getting the word out, and starting a thread before its too late. The RoboDox are hosting Fall Classic at Granada or CSUN, there is a little dispute, but in either case, its a block apart. So, since Battle at the Boarder is postponed, CA teams and other teams have something else to look forward too, FALL CLASSIC!!!

There may be more news and suprises to come.

Ill keep the thread updated when more news comes. Let the hype start. :slight_smile:

This is great news. I’m looking forward to an action packed top quality event! Please give any details as soon as they become available. :slight_smile:

Ok, more info, but will get the final info that will be on NEMO and here in about a week or so. What is new:

Will happen at Granada’s gym.
Granada Hills Charter Highs School
10353 Zelzah Ave.
Granada Hills CA, 91344

Also, will be on October 8th. So mark your calanders. I will have a price and more specifications. Also, SCRRF is supposedly getting us a FIRST field to use, so it will be a great layout, not like wooden team made field.

So, who is excited?

A few questions…
How many teams to you have room for?
What will the registration fee be?
Will the game be altered in any way?

I can answer one of those right now. Game wont be altered, but we may have mini games. We are coming up with the fee as well as team space. I will try to get some more answers this week, but august seems about the time when i get the rest of the info because its summer.

32 team capacity. Side games will be a little different.

Rules for Side Games:
-Side game events will be at the competition if a team bring a mock set and is willing to be in charge of the event.
-Side games shall only be played on teather, as its a one day event and we will be tight on time to get people to play Aim High
-If you are hosting a side game, please bring teather cables to be considerate to other teams that may be lacking

Also, all teams are welcome, SCRRF or not. First pay first come basis. We are also looking for volunteers. We have only a few more things like costs to finalize, and then this thing is open for sign ups.

Whos planning on going?

I’ll most likely be there, helping out as per usual.

Team 294 is interested.

Team 498 is interested.

For side games: can we have any Vex or non-robot games in addition to tethered robot ones?

I like the idea of a vex comp, my team is interested in using vex to train new students, a mini comp at the fall classic would be a great outlet and motivator for that.

What do you think 599?

sounds good to me, just i cant have any promises. I know Chaminad has an official field. I can talk with some people about seeing if we want to put in a Vex side competition. No promises. 599 doesnt have an official field, so if a team has one, and is willing to bring it, i see no problem. but, still have to talk it over, because thats a competition in itself.

P.S. Talks if this goes well this year, next year will be a two day event. Which makes it better as time will be less of a concern for matches.

Actually I was thinking of having some low budget Vex game unique to Fall Classic. I don’t think there’s really enough time to run a full Vex tournament.

We’ve talked about using Vex for teaching, but due to budget will probably only get like 1 kit or use mine and do something else for teaching.

HAHAHAHAHA. We can do that easily. We do Vex/EDU games at least twice a year for teaching. But the thing is, if its not HalfPipe hustle, it will be hard because teams will have to build. but not a bad idea. ill bring it up when i talk to the team in august.

I would like a dodgeball fight, but i dont think it will happen. Although at the Scrimmage at Birmingham me and a few other friends had a mini dodgeball fight at the end of the tournement, just not on the field.

A small vex event wouldn’t be hard as long as it used easy materials and a flat field.

Can we get a mentors round please (for the fulsize FRC). This is something the Fall Classic has seriously needed and always lacked. Who’s with me?

A mentor’s round is already in the plan. It will probably be the last round.

Vex/EDU robot competition on the side is plausible, i just have to come up with the game and make sure its easy to set up. I have some designs in mind. School starts next week and i can get the final question of how much the cost will be hopefully soon after.

Both of those sound like good news to me.

Some of our mentors have been grumbling for years about never being able to drive.

We won’t be coming. Our teachers (as well as a few students) already have travel plans that weekend, and I just learned that is the weekend of Homecoming at our high school.

Hopefully we can see everyone at other competitions!

Any more information on how/when to register?