Fall Classic - Southern California

Mark your calendars for:

Southern California Fall Classic

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Held this year at John Muir High School in Pasadena, CA.

Let us know that you’re interested and we’ll get you registration information as soon as it becomes available. One day competition using the same rules as IRI.

Organized by SCRRF, Team 2404, and Team 980.

973 is considering either the Fall Classic or Calgames.

What will the cost be? That’s the main factor.

The Fall Classic Committee will be meeting this week and this is one of the things we will be discussing. We needed some more information on costs before setting the entry fee.

As of our last meeting, we were thinking in the $100-200 range. We want it to be as low as possible and still cover costs.

Registration for the Fall Classic is now available on robotevents.com

Registration fee is $150, if registered by Sept. 12. The fee increases to $200 for registration between Sept. 13 and Sept. 20. After Sept. 20, the registration fee is $250.

Please sign up early!

we were going to go but didnt have money

CalGames is $450 (with a $100 volunteer-support deposit). More about registration here.

Its a big event (30 teams) and there are typically two gyms (one for the competition and one for the pits). BBQ, and totally awesome awards (engraved silicon wafers) included!

Sry to get off topic. I’d like to attend the Fall Classic, but I’m not sure if my team will be willing to drive that far.

Yeah… Ontario is a bit far from LA…


Yeah, I already knew the calgames cost, and with the confirmed cost of $150 for fall classic, it’s a no brainer as to which I’m recommending my team to attend.

Two great choices for off season events in CA…are there any others planned for Oct. or Nov. in southern CA???

Go to both :cool:

Yes, that’s what Team 980 is planning to do.

If there’s a “Battle at the Border” (San Diego), we might do that too!

We really like to get good use out of our robots. These off-season events provide our new drivers with opportunities to get more competition experience, allows us to invite prospective students, mentors and sponsors to events and gives current mentors excuses for not getting household projects completed!:stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, please feel free to ask any questions about the Fall Classic and/or indicate whether your team will be attending in this thread…

Hmm, nice entry fee and VERY convenient location. I don’t know if my team’s planning to attend any off-season events, but if we do this’ll probably be the one. :smiley:

973 will be attending and bringing two robots; Our 2008 competition bot, and a prototype 6 wheel to exhibit/possibly fill in for missing teams (if the event organizers allow it).

For those that have not heard, there won’t be a Battle at the Border this year. Maybe next year.

FRC 1726 from Sierra Vista, AZ, is planning on making the trip with 3 vans full of new members :); we’re basically attending our first offseason event specifically to draw students in until build season, at least, where they will succumb to the greatness of FIRST!

Hope to see everyone there!

PS: Is there a rough count of teams signed up so far?

Remember to sign up today at:
(Registration fees are NOT needed at the time you sign up)

Hotel information if needed can be found at:

I don’t have access to what teams are registered, but will follow up with those that do.

968 will be attending with new students driving/operating. :slight_smile:

The Holy Cows will be coming up with an improved Daisy II and a new set of drivers. :cool:

We currently have 11 teams signed up for the Fall Classic. They include some of the finest teams on the West Coast. It will definitely be difficult to call this one in advance. The teams registered as of yesterday are:

294 Beach Cities Robotics - 2001 World Champs
330 BeachBots - 2005 World Champs
692 Fembots - One of the best all-girl teams around
968 RAWC - part of a famous collaboration with the Cheesy Poofs, they have an awesome machine, as always
973 Greyhound Revolutionary Robotics - They supposedly have a new mechanism designed to compete with the best. Will it work? come and find out
980 Thunderbots - Their ball placement aparatus didn’t work out so well during the season, but they played pretty impressive defense. They have been working over the summer. What have they been up to?
981 Snowbotics - Always a unique robot
1070 Royal Robotrons - another all-girl team, they have become more competitive in the past couple of years
1538 Holy Cows - The best robot from the San Diego area. They always have a solid reliable robot that looks really nice. They have also been working over the summer, improving a machine that was already pretty good.
2150 Wicked Wobotics - an up and coming sophmore team
2404 TNT - These guys and girls are committed (or maybe they should be?) Not every rookie team starts off with a holonomic drive and then goes on to host an off-season event. Definitely a team to watch.

Disagree with any of the above? bring a robot out and prove your point! Better yet bring two, the second one is half price. If your team is a 2009 rookie please contact me and we will try and hook you up with a spare robot, FREE!

I think 1726 signed up about 9:30 PM yesterday! Hope to see you all there.