FALL FURY needs 4 more teams!

Fall Fury,
We are hosting an invitational October 11 in Keene NH.
We currently have 8 teams signed up, and need at least 4 more teams to make this event a go. We have worked so hard on this invitational and would hate to have to cancel it.
We have Andy Grady coming to be our announcer, and have our local radio station signed up to do a live remote from the competition. We have German exchange students as well as people in our community excited to attend the competition. Please help us by either coming to participate in our invitational, or pass the word on to other teams.
Please help us! We are not out to make money on this invitational, so if you aren’t coming because your team can’t afford to please e-mail us and we can work something out. dirtybirds213@hotmail.com
The following teams are signed up so far:

166-Chop Shop, Merrimack NH
181-Birds of Prey, Hartford CT
213-Dirty Birds, Keene NH
238-Crusaders, Manchester (Memorial) NH
348-Norwell Robotics, Norwell MA
559-Devil Dawgs, Leominster MA
571-Team Paragon, Windsor CT
716-Who’s CTEKS, Falls Village CT

I just wanted to encourage teams to get in on this competition put on by the Dirty Birds. The team list already looks excelent, with the addition of at least 4 more teams, I promise you it would be a great show. Remember, as important as it is for teams to go out and promote FIRST, it is equally important for other teams to go out and support those teams in their efforts. Help support the Dirty Birds, FIRST, and your own team, and have some fun while doing so! Hope to see you there!

-Andy Grady

NU-trons are thinking about going. Because of our win at Bash many of the kids are excited. But we wouldn’t know until the end of the week (that’s when our meetings are happening).

So I can’t garantee it’s a yes, it’s pure 50/50 right now. But i’ll see what I can do.

We do have 10 robots signed up so far, we have decided to go on with the invitational, it will just be a cozy one!
We will keep the registration open until Friday October 10 (the day before the event). We do hope we get more teams to sign up. Remember we lowered the registration fee to $100.00.
I also would like to challenge other NH teams to sign up, the only ones who signed up are Manchester Memorial, and Merrimack. Where are the rest of you? We would love to see more NH teams here (as well as others).

I would love our team (176) to come. We had quite a few things go wrong with our bot at Bash @ the Beach, so it is still up in the air. I will talk it over with the team tonight and see where we stand. For those of you who are thinking about going but have not said yes yet, I am sure this off-season will be excellent. Not to mention it’ll be held at a newly-renovated high school with more than enough room to go around. Keene is my hometown and even if my team does not come, I will try my hardest to be there anyways, helping out in whatever way I can. I had the pleasure of having Dean Joyal for 3 CAD classes in high school and he is a really awesome person to know. Hope you guys get more teams to join up.

Its good to hear that so many different teams are interested or have registered for this. It is also very cool to see teams from CT making the treck to NH. With some of these CT teams already registered (and very good ones at that) where are the usual Mass, NH, and RI powerhouses to challenge them! I’m calling you out! Islanders, Gompei, Aztechs, CHAOS, Wild Cards, PARTS, TJ, Powerknights, Pioneers, TIGERS, Grasshoppers…where are ya!!! For the record, I would love to see the NuTrons and Aces show up, as they are two of the premier teams in the area and would make this competition even more exciting. How bout more teams that we haven’t seen too often up north, Buzz, Bobcats, HYPER…lets make 03 go out with one last big bang!

Cya there!

-Andy Grady