Fall Fury Results!

Fall Fury Robotics Invitational

Champions- Alliance of:
Team 213- Dirty Birds of Keene High School
Team 166-Chop Shop of Merrimack High School
Team 133- Team Ernie of Bonnie Eagle High School
Finalist – Alliance of:
Team 133- Team BERT of Bonnie Eagle High School Team 181- Birds of Prey of Hartford Public High
Team 549- Devil Dawgs of Leominster High School
In the best of three final The alliance of teams 213, 166, and 133 edged the alliance of teams 133, 181, and 549 in round 3 of finals 40- 38.

All teams were seeded after the qualifying rounds with the top 4 teams able to choose their alliance partners from the lower standings.

Number One Seed after Qualifying Rounds-
Team 716 who’s CTEKS, Housatonic Valley Regional High School
2. Team 238 Crusaders, Manchester Memorial High School
3. Team 213 Dirty Birds, Keene High School.
4. Team 133 BERT, Bonny Eagle High School
5.Team 237 TRIBE, Watertown High School
6. Team 166 Chop Shop, Merrimack High School
7. Team 549 Devil Dawgs, Leominster High School
8. Team 181 Birds of Prey, Hartford High School
9. Team 2549 Devil Dawgs 2, Leominster High School
10. Team 571 Team Paragon, The Loomis Chaffe School
11. Team 2181 Birds of Prey 2, Hartford high School
12. Team 346 Norwell Robotics, Norwell High School
13. Team 2716 Who’s CTEKS 2, Housatonic Walley Regional High

Team 133, brought ERNIE, and Team 571 brought a second robot that filled in when other robots were being repaired, we thank them for that!
The following awards were given by our panel of judges-
Judges Awards- Team 238 the Crusaders of Manchester Memorial, HS
Team 237 – Team SIE H2O Bots –TRIBE of Watertown High School of Watertown, MA

Engineering Inspiration Award- Team 166- Chop Shop of Merrimack, HS

Overall Design award- Team 166- Chop Shop of Merrimack, HS

Team Spirit- Team 133- Team BERT of Bonnie Eagle High School in Standish, ME

Design Award for Controls- Team 549- Devil Dawgs of Leominster High School in Leominster, MA

The Referees presented the Sportsmanship award to Team 133- Team BERT of Bonnie Eagle High School in Standish, ME

We hope all teams that attended had a good time. We hope that everyone felt that the event ran smoothly.
Thank you to Andy Grady for doing an excellent job announcing, and thank you to Andy from team 95 for coming down to help.
I would also like to thank the Fall Fury staff for running an excellent competition.

Team 166 obviously had a great time. Thanks to the Dirty Birds for selecting us AND putting on a great competition. Thanks to both Bert and Ernie.

This was one of the most laid back and fun competitions I’ve been to in the last 2 years. Great job all!

it was a great off season event and very well run for the first time. we didnt do to well but i still had a great time:D

I wasn’t able to maike this one, but…

5th Place qualifying and a Judges award for my team!! Way cool!!

Even though, (well you know…)

If anyone has any pictures of my team’s robot during my team’s grieving period, please send them my way!!

I want to especially thank the team or teams who helped or tried to help my team in their time(s) of need!!!


Oh, and very nice shirts too, by the way!! Kudos to the logo designer on that one!!

by the way we are from connecticut not MA