Fall Semester Lab Tech Position at Yale Engineering

Chief Delphi came through the last time we had an opening, so here is another try.

We have a temporary position at Yale Engineering in our brand new $10M undergrad engineering teaching labs (with associated roles in our academic makerspace).

The full job description is:
Research Support Specialist IV

General purpose
Coordinate undergraduate experimental facilities in Mechanical, Biomedical and Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratories. Provide expertise in maintaining laboratory equipment, helping plan the lab evolution, designing and building custom experiments, supervising assistants and working with faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.

Essential duties of position

  1. Manage laboratory facilities being used by multiple courses. This will require organizing the equipment and managing the lab space to meet varying needs.
  2. Maintain and upgrade laboratory equipment
  3. Provide Mechanical Engineering design and expertise to support faculty and students in their research projects.
  4. Manage a resource center for engineering projects that will provide Mechanical Engineering hardware and computer tools for students to use in their independent research projects.
  5. Purchase laboratory supplies.
    Education and training
  6. Five to ten years related experience.
  7. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    Skills and abilities
  8. Familiar with fundamental physical and engineering principles typical of undergraduate experiments.
  9. Mechanical Engineering Design Skills. Proficient in the design, fabrication and implementation of engineering projects.
  10. Ability to maintain and operate laboratory equipment, including basic mechanical, electrical and chemical components.
  11. Familiar with basic machine shop tools. Be able to supervise machine shop when the machinist is
    absent and be able to support machine shop activities during peak loads.
  12. Familiar with laboratory safety requirements and procedures.
  13. Willingness and interest in learning about new technologies and tools.
  14. Familiar with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.
  15. Familiarity with computer based data acquisition and control.
  16. Experience in working congenially with students and faculty members in managing the access to and use of the laboratory resources.

Let me know if you want to know more info.

We are ready on this end to fill the position as soon as possible.

Thanks – Vince (Vincent.Wilczynski@yale.edu)

I remember last time you posted for a full time position, and that position sounded equally as impressive then. It’s quite a facility and program you’re building over there.

This really sounds like a dream opportunity for the right person. It’s unfortunate that there’s 2800 miles between us. The description of this job sounds exactly like a subset of everything I do in my current job, however without the teaching part. For my own curiosity, I briefly looked into the potential of taking a leave of absence from my current job for this opportunity, but I don’t think I could replace myself for a semester here, which would pose a real dilemma to the students I teach and the programs I run.

Please let me know if you have anything in the works or on the radar for Summer 2018!