Family Members on Chiefdelphi

After a conversation with Jessica Boucher, where she didn’t realize that my dad posted on chiefdelphi, and a conversation between Ken Leung and Amanda Morrison in which Ken didn’t realize that Amanda’s brother had an account, I realized that a lot of people may not know about well known member’s family member’s. So, if you have a family member who posts on chiefdelphi, post in here.

Here are a few to get things started:

Joe Ross: gwross (father), Penny (mother), AmyBeth (sister), Andy330 (brother).

Jessica Boucher: JohnBoucher (father), TedBoucher (brother)

Amanda Morrison: AndrewMorrison (brother)

So who else is out there with a lurking (or maybe not so lurking) family member?

Edit: for some less obvious ones
Ogre: Keiko173 (sister)
ChrisH: KarenH (wife)

Jason Rudolph: Andrew Rudolph (brother)

Mike Martus (dad)
Brandon Martus (me)
Austin Martus (brother) (posted a loooooong time ago, pre-vB3)

David Kelly (brother) and Lauren (sister)

Chris Fultz (father)—> Collin Fultz (son)-----> Matt Fultz (brother)

David Hoff <----> JAH (twins)

Scott Ritchie (husband- 234) and Libby Ritchie (wife- 393)

Chris H: KarenH (wife)
Our son, Eric (2nd year team 330 student), has yet to register. :ahh: (Too busy to fill out online form??) Maybe this summer, he says.

Jeez Joe… I feel so left out :stuck_out_tongue:

Bill Gold - brother
FotoPlasma (Jim) - brother
Lou Gold - sister

Matt Krass is obviously my younger brother.

I guess that’s obvious, though.

I feel so speacial being mentioned in the first post :smiley:

Yeah, you all know me, the grammar curmudgeon. I’m still working on Joe to teach him the rules of apostrophes. (Joe, it should be “well known members’ family members”. :slight_smile: )

Well, gee, i feel special Jeff:p
Yea, unfortunatly, my lovely brother used to post on my name, although he did usually say it was him, what a great brother!!

KathieK(mother)<—>Jon K (son)

Tristan Lall is my little brother. Depending on your definition of little.

My brother Rick (rick pierce - Team 1164 - New Mexico) has posted once.
I don’t think my nephew Ben on 857 (Houghton, MI) has signed up yet.

My sister Gina’s on here too. I believe that at this time she’s going under the alias of dachickindapit. Having your sister as a team mentor, totally creepy. She’s my big sister, depending on your definition of bigger (Luve you short big sis!)

I demand satisfaction!

(N.B. He may be the taller one, but in all other measures, he’s littlest.)

Well, don’t forget Lil’ Lavery and dlavery… the most famous family duo on CD.

I have a sister…amanda525…who once posted a couple of times on here.

Noone else from my family is currently registered on here but here’s some more for your list…

Bridgette [sister]--------------Ricksta(121) [brother]

Redhead Jokes [mother]-------MaryGrace [daughter]

K Shaw [brother]--------------ScottShaw237 [brother]

rich d 237 [son]---------------nick reynolds*[father]

*sadly nick reynolds passed away two weeks ago, here is a thread with more detail >

How about:

Bill and Brian Beatty
Doug and Robert Hogg

Berserker(me) S.Nickens(father)

KyleGilbert and Clark Gilbert (twins)