Famous Last Words

What are your famous last words?

"given enough time, resources, pizza, and Dew… "

This is pretty much team 1675’s motto.

What do you mean by last words?

{First post of the day! On the east coast!}

“Heh!, that didn’t work… Whats plan B?”

“It’s alright, the dongle’s set to disable”
followed by
“What do you mean the labels reversed?”

and my favorite:
“You got the camera to track my what?!”

“I bet it will be underweight when we weigh it”

“What do you mean its 40 pounds overweight!!!”

“He has a competiton and a girlfriend, you have nothing, you’re editing.”

“We ran out of places to put holes??!!”

“Have no fear, Budda’s here!”

(i got that one wayyyy too many times)

“see this is why you cannt have a girlfreind , and if any of you think of getting one next year forget about it”

“yeah im sure it will work”…“if it doesnt you’re fixng it”…(a long while later) “good job Donnelly”

“Are you sure it’s unplugged?” ZZZZZ!!!

“Don’t worry about putting it on blocks, I only changed a minor line in the code.”

RJ at the 2004 design meeting on ComBBAT: “I’ve got an idea, let’s have large flaps open to catch all the balls.”

“Hey guys, watch this!”


“Woah, that was weird… let’s do it again!”

“Dont worry, we can fix that in SW”


“Dont worry, we can fix that at the regional!”

“Don’t worry. I know what I am doing!”

“Hey y’all watch this!” followed by “Is his hair supposed to smoke like that?”

“oops” need I say more?

i guess this one is the most used
“it wasn’t me, i swear”

“Gimmie a number two with fries…”

It’ll be the end of us all.

“That is SOOO going on the Cheif Delphi quotes thread” followed by my being pummelled with POOF balls until I say I won’t do it.

“It’ll just mean a little weight reduction”

“Don’t worry, I’ve done this hundreds of times.”

“We’ve been using the same roller system since 1996, we know how to do it.”

“I’ll be right back, just keep wiring while I’m gone.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I got the code right this time.”

“You’ll only be missing a few students.”

“I don’t need to label it, I’ll remember what it does.”

“We don’t need a list for picking, we’re seeded 12th.”

“Why isn’t it working!?”
“AOL has encountered an error”

PC load letter?? What the beep does that mean?!!

No, for real, my famous last words are more or less:
wow, that looks fun! or I wonder…