FANATIC - Offseason Animation Competition

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So, here it is; an off-season animation competition. Students will create animations between 30sec and 2min that follow a specific theme (TBA). There will be many awards given, rather than just the grand prize. All it takes is a few animators, some copies of 3ds Max, a few computers, and a website to host your final animation.

Interested? Send an e-mail to

[reason for FANATIC rant]
In most cases, animators in FIRST are under-appreciated. The fact is, Computer animation is not only a great hobby, but crucial to the understanding of technology. When NASA creates a new mars rover, it makes a cg animation that explains the robot’s capabilities to the public. When GM needs to show a concept design for their latest vehicle, they’ll create an animation. When the History Channel wants to show the sinking of a World War II battleship when there was no camera to record the event, they’ll make an animation.

Besides the obvious importance of animation, it also is a fun hobby. Many FIRST members don’t get a chance to animate, or don’t get a chance to work on the robot, because of the conflicting schedule. Many students never get an opportunity to use 3ds max because they must devote their time to the robot. Many animators never get to build the robot. Some people may see this as a reason to eliminate the animation portion of FIRST, but I disagree.

The animation competition gets more students involved in FIRST. When I joined my team, I had no interest in engineering. After two years, I plan on going into the field. If it hadn’t been for the animation competition, I wouldn’t have joined FIRST.

So, in essence, the animation competition can be used to get more students involved in FIRST. But, then how will they work on the robot? What’s the point of drawing these students to FIRST if they can’t get the full experience? Well, now we have FANATIC. Now you can do both. Now, we can gather animators in the fall and convince them to join FIRST in the winter. We get more people interested in FIRST, we get more people working on the robot, and allow more people the privilege of working with 3ds Max. That’s FANATIC.

[end rant]

So, if you’re interested (even if you normally don’t do the animation), register! The competition is not scheduled to start until November, but we may have a judging pilot this summer. Plus, the sooner you register, the greater the influence you could have on how the competition is run.

Post any questions or comments you may have.

I’m interested - sounds like a great way to get some more practice in and train new members on the team with 3DS Max.

Nick already knows it, but I’m going to be participating on the HOT Team’s FANATIC team. I normally am on the engineering/robot group of the team, and I’ve wanted to try my hand at animation.


So, are there any other budding animation gurus on Chief Delphi interested in showing off what they’ve got? :smiley:

Sweet. Once you finalize your decision, just send an e-mail to

BTW - the FIRST logo on the site was inspired by your neon FIRST logo. Just thought you might like to know.

Unfortunately, our animation team disbands every year and starts anew (and none of them post here except for me) and because I am only a mentor I am not allowed to particiapte so unfortunately that leaves us out. :frowning:

Um, is there an underscore in the email address or not, Nick? Make up your mind… :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriouly though, the people must know!

I am not going to respond for my team, since I have no longer have power. But I would think this would be a great training tool for new and old members alike!

Maybe your animation could be exhibition. Seriosly, any interest is good, even if you can’t get any students involved. . . yet

Um, is there an underscore in the email address or not, Nick? Make up your mind…

There is an underscore, sorry about the typo in the address.

The e-mail is

Our team for the next season actually hasn’t been decided yet, so once it is I will e-mail you.

Why start in November? Is that when the theme will be announced?

That was the plan. Would you rather start sooner? I was thinking there’d be a judging pilot in the summer (to get all of that worked out), then the theme would be announced Nov1. The initial concept called for actual in-person meetings, so it would only really be for Michigan teams. The Nov1st date gave us time to recruit OCCRA teams. But, we decided to run it online instead. So we could start earlier. The only problems I can see with that is there wouldn’t be time to train (or recruit) new animators. Still, I’m all open to suggestions.

Allthough I am not involved in FIRST teams anymore, I would be very interested in A) coming up with a pilot or tutorials or B) entering this thing maybe as a benchmark animation or a guide for others. Either way, I have a couple of ideas that could be done. WHoever is heading this up, just reply back or PM me to let me know what I can do to help. I’ve been looking for a way to get back into helping FIRST animators.

So, by starting in November, do you mean the judging will take place in Nov. or we kick off in November? If it’s starting then, Team 253 will probably be able to compete.

Kickoff is november 1st. It’d be great if you guys could join.

Sounds like a great idea… but i’m not sure if Team384 will be able to participate, mostly because i’m the only animation member on my team (currently) and i’ll be pretty busy this summer and fall… Good Luck all Teams who enter…