Fantasy Baseball 2004!

Same as last year. Just like Football, Hockey, and Basketball, I’m starting the second FIRST Robotics League for Baseball. The link:; League ID#: 86817; Password: deankamen

Can Mike Murphy defend his title from last year? Nobody knows. But it’ll still be fun. Any FIRSTer can join if they wish. Go Red Sox!


i got this…

There was a problem:
• There was a temporary problem with the server. Please try again shortly.
• The password is incorrect.
• The league is not in pre-draft mode.

edit worked second time… im in

I’m back in.

I’m in.

I have been doing amazing in fantasy sports this year. League winner in football, 1st place in Hockey, and 4th in bball. Hopefully FIRST people know more about sports than the guys ive been playin.

I’m just proud that I’m holding a very respectable third place in my first year in the hockey league. :slight_smile:

One question: is the draft automatic or live?

Hey, you’re 2 places behind me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, I guess I’ll give baseball a try, I doubt I’ll be able to repeat my success with baseball as in hockey…

That’s six teams. We got room for 20. And I’ll do a live draft only if we have a unanimous vote for it. Otherwise, I’ll do an auto-draft.

Im in, and hopefully will do as well as Bball, and not football :rolleyes:


I’ll join too.

I’m in…again. First time through I deleted it because I thought we were going to do a live draft; as long as we aren’t, I have no problem with participating. :slight_smile:

I’m in.

I’m also in. hoping to repeat my success with football (bleh)

That’s 14. Last call for anyone who wants to join. Draft is the weekend at the latest.

I’m wondering if Koko and Ed will predict/announce every game. That’d be quite a task, with 160+ some games in the season :stuck_out_tongue:

Not even.
I’m not as knowledgeable about baseball. Plus I’m not that big a baseball fan anyways (needs a salary cap in the worst way).

Well, I’m not that happy with my team, but I certainly think it’s better then some others :stuck_out_tongue:

So who’s who in this league.
Obviously I am Koko’s X-Cats.

Everyone from football and basketball knows me, but Im the Nor Cal Crushers.


Rhode Island Revs here. I’ll also go with “El Commish”.

Oh, and I only purposely drafted one of those Red Sox. The other 3 were totally random. Althogh my pitching is going to be nasty either way.