Fantasy Baseball 2005!

Continuing my tradition of running FIRST leagues in the four major sports, I bring to you the third FIRST Robotics Baseball League. The link: ; League ID#: 94150; Password: deankamen

Everybody’s welcome. Mike Murphy has taken his Tie-Dye Sox to the title both years. Can anybody dethrone them? Well, we won’t know until the end of September. But that’s what makes it fun.

And finally, I have to say it: GO RED SOX!!!


I’ll play.
When’s the draft?

I’m in.

If the Marlins hadn’t been a bunch of pansies and refused to play their two hurricane delayed games at Wrigley, I would have made the playoffs. This year I gotta make it :slight_smile:

Im in. Had an off year in all my fantasy baseball leagues last year, I drafted all around players instead of focusing on hitting. :frowning: But, this year i hope to make a good comeback.

im in hopefully ill do better then i did in football.

i am in, lets not even talk about the football, that was in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so in.

I have to say this too: it only took 86 years for the Bo-sox to win.

any chance for a live draft???

And how will this be scored? im new to the fantasy baseball so if i could get a crash course before i order my players it would be a big help.

I’m in.

I’m hoping that I can avoid the bad luck in the championships that allowed Tie-Dye Sox to win again.

Count me in too…three losses to end the fantasy football season is not the way to go.

Ooh :slight_smile: I’ve always wanted to play one of these. I’m signing up but I have not idea what I’m doing. Can anyone summerize how you play?

So we’re at 16 teams right now. For those wondering, barring a 100% unanimous vote, it will be an auto draft, and it’ll most likely be on 3/26.

Quick summary of play: each week, you play another team with your players. Each hit, run, RBI, etc (check the settings page for the exact stats used) that your players get adds one point to that category. After all of Sunday’s games are complete, you get one win for each category you defeat your opponent in over the week, one loss for any category your opponent manages to win, and a tie for each tied category. These become your record, which determines standings. You face a different team every week. Top 6 make it to the playoffs, while the next 6 have a consolation tournament. If you have any questions, please ask me.

I love Fantasy Baseball

I’m in.

How serious are you guys? I know people that make trades everyweek depending on who is playing who, and I am far too lazy for that.

Last year there was a single trade. However, several people made a bunch of free agent aquisitions based on who was hot right then.

Though to be fair, it’s really difficult for two people to come to a deal in any fantasy sport, simply due to the impersonal nature of it and the fact that you still need to fill all your positions (makes it difficult to give up a player in one position for another, especially if you’re like me and use your bench spots on pitchers). But yeah, free agent aquisitions are generally quite an active market (for lack of a better explanation due to the fact that I just woke up), and the waiver rules often come into effect.

Oh, and we have room for two more teams. :slight_smile:

well i will cast a vote for a live draft…auto draft system for yahoo just sucks.

I will also cast a vote for the live draft.

I would LOVE a live draft.

Also, Eddie, since we have so many teams, can we please up the playoff spots to 8 teams, or even 10?

LIVE DRAft plzzzzzzzzzz they are so much better!

A live draft would be an inconvinience for me, but if everyone else wants to, I’ll suck it up and take it like a man.