Fantasy Colbert League!

Attention Colbert Fans!
We are proud to bring you first and only Fantasy Colbert League website.
Here you can make your bets!

  • 1 point for every question Stephen asks
  • 2 points for every time the GUEST tries to change the subject
  • 3 points if the guest breaks out into a sweat
  • 5 points for every time Stephen nails the guest
  • 40 point bonus if Stephen makes his guest cry
  • -1 point for every time Stephen and the guest agree

Hurry up! Join and place your bets before 11pm monday!

Woot! has put us on the front page!
also we are on the front page of

Haha, this is great. I might consider actually doing this.

I love the Colbert Report - I used to watch it every day until I started going to college (now my schedule is all weird :(). I also love Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and Al Franken. :slight_smile:

even in college… i always make time for colbert… it’s on at 11:30pm 1:30am 10:30am and 8:30pm

Hm… never heard of it… what channel is it on?

Stand fast heroes! We must bring the light to this pour soul!

The Colber Repor is on Comedy Central.

yes the Colbert report is on comedy central at 11:30 pm (after the daily show) and it is repeated the next day at 10:30am and 8:30pm