Fantasy FIRST Bean Town Blitz Team Rankings

I added up the draft position of the top BTB teams for all the teams drafted in the first two rounds of Divisions 1 and 2, and all the rounds . I’ve only included the teams that were chosen 3 teams, from those rounds. This should give an idea of who the most popular teams are, and the ones expcected to do the best.

  1. 237
  2. 69
  3. 222
  4. 126
  5. 571
  6. 181
  7. 190
  8. 175
  9. 61
  10. 176
  11. 1073
  12. 1099
  13. 88

Should be interesting to see how this list compares to the final results.

Just got a call that finals are about to begin… sorry I don’t have too much more information… but the “boys from Pennsylvania are seeded first (222) and chose 190.”

… if I get anything else I will be sure to post.

BTB was awesome.

Thanks to whoever “fantasy drafted” us for thinking enough of us to include us on your team. And I’d like to apologize for not faring well in the qualification matches and probably sinking your team.


Ah well. Always next year.


Whil I was down thre, I talke to Jess. B. (she was volunteering). She said she could crunch numbers for rankings of teams. I guesss waiting for her update is about all for now. The eliminations are listed in the BtB thread here. I was unabe to get any teams w/l/t because I was busy training rookies on the floor team (w00t first seed with a 2 rookie one vet. floor crew!!) That is all from me I think. I just got back to my house from Boston and it is roughl 2:19. Sleep, finally. Later all.


does anyone know where one can find the win/loss results of the qualifing rounds?

Does anyone know when the results for BTB are going to be posted? I’m getting a little antsy.

Until I get that match-by-match scoring I can’t crunch any numbers. Does anyone have those?

I just found a list for all team rankings from BtB - to my knowledge they are accurate and can now be used to answer all questions in the fantasy league!!! The link: BtB rankings!


That’s great, but if we want it to run like we did at nationals, I need the raw match scores, not the rankings. Rankings are done by average loser’s score, and thus these RPs don’t do any good, since they don’t take into account the actual winning scores.

Now, if we want to change it up a bit for this one (just so we have a winner) and go by these rankings, I’d be happy to run those numbers tonite.

Did they add W-L scores since you posted this, or is there some reason you can’t use those?

If you’re running it like the nationals was run, teams were ranked by average win score…which is a pain because at the actual competition they’re ranked by average losers score, and thus the data needs to be custom compiled.

What the issue was with BtB is that the data for the match scores doesn’t exist anymore…only the rankings by average losers score. So, I assume using that data was how the rankings were settled. Am I correct?

For the next competitions, I suggest that someone who is doing strategy that day keep track of the match scores (and if they do, I will love them forever). The alternative is for the people running the competition to keep that data.