Five minutes per pick.
Here’s the order.
197 mtaman02
198 Diobsidian
199 ThirdRide
200 Ogre
201 Will Hanashiro
202 Ryan Dognaux
203 Mike M.
204 BadKarma
205 M. Krass
206 Budda648
207 Henry_222
208 Alex Pelan
209 Akuu
210 Jeremy Roberts
211 Ricky Q.
212 Matt D
213 mechman108
214 Devin L.
215 thoughtful
216 Crop-Circles
217 gsensel
218 Computheif263
219 Mister X
220 David66
221 tkwetzel
222 The Lucas
223 Todd Derbyshire
224 Erin Rapacki
225 Eric Bareiss
226 George1083
227 Dez250
228 Sigmakid108
229 Solace
230 Koko Ed
231 Joe Ross
232 rforystek
233 Sscamatt
234 jjdebner
235 T134guy
236 Crash852
237 BoyWithCape195
238 Anne Bergeron
239 KingsvilleKukes
240 Pit Bull 1126
241 Coreyjon
242 Voltage
243 Big Mike
244 John V-Nuen
245 Andy Baker
246 ngreen
247 Joel J.
248 Amanda Aldridge
249 Mike M.
250 Lhead
251 RogerR
252 Ah27
253 JakeGallagher
254 Pin Man
255 T967
256 AsimC
257 Levin571
258 BionicAlumni
259 SwaDan
260 SarahB
261 Rob Colatutto
262 Steve Horn
263 Jack
264 TierraDelDiablo
265 minic@HYPER69
266 ahecht
267 Joe3
268 Ryan_team710
269 Guyute
270 activemx
271 phrozen solyd
272 Brant Bowen
273 Cutiebethy
274 OneAngryDaisy
275 HhsJosh
276 Team311
277 MisterX
278 Sigmakid108
279 David Hoff
280 Jessica Boucher
281 EvanG
282 Terminator6
283 Greg Needel
284 Karthik
285 Aaron Lussier
286 tb222
287 Tomman B182
288 Xufer
289 Fireworks 234
290 CrazyBear
291 jagman2882
292 MisterX
293 Eric O
294 Stud Man Dan

Can someone post an updated list of who we have left to pick from? Thanx in advance.

Joel’s site has an up-to date listing.

The draft will be getting off to a bit of a late start.
I’ll be at church til about one maybe later as we get to rapping with the pastor and my Godson (and unofficial Goddaughter).

koko, me and mechman108 switched and i now have bot 957, he has spot 219 i have spot 213.

i wont be home all day, so once again i would like my pick to be any remaining team on JVN’s list that is not in archimedes

Attention!koko ed has asked me to take care of the drafting till he gets back… the drafting will begin at 12:30. if you will not be here please pm me your lists or i will just use jvn’s list of hwos left over…

if you need to get me ina hurry aim me at Pit Bull 1126


First 5
197 mtaman02
198 Diobsidian
200 Ogre
201 Will Hanashiro
mtaman02 time to draft begins at 12:30 and ends at 12:40

through confusing trading with jones571 yesterday and the day before i believe that in the end sigmakid has my stop and i have his (i’ll look back at the trades to verify this)

Attention #2
please look at the list that koko ed had posted and tell me if there have beens ome changes due to trades and such… i will post an updated list shortly…

nope, disregard my last post

Is there a list of the teams still available?? :confused:

Nevermind… lack of sleep allowed me to skip an above post.

Ed said 5 minute picks today (see the first post)

Just so we don’t forget

"Well I’m gonna go sleep but I won’t be here tomorrow so here is the list of teams that I want (I’m second so I don’t really have to have to many unless people swap their old ones for ones on my list)


If it happens to go past this then just give me the next on jvn list, or Levin571 can pick for me if he’s there. Thanks a ton Koko and others who have put this together!


ok sorry i have to go so i asked levin571 and joe ross to run it untill either me or koko ed gets back… my bad only 5 minutes per pick

I traded Mike M for his 117 2nd round spot…then he got my # spot (199, i believe)
I then traded Matt D my 117 spot for his 142 spot
all these are second round…
i took someone’s spot!! I didn’t mean to, i should still be in 3rd round!!:ahh:
i think i was 3rd…or do you want to just keep it as is? make things easier??

i think it is time to start the day, would mtaman02 please come up to the stands and pick his third choice by 12:40

if you can find the trade messages that would be good, but right now for the sake of sanity i think we should go with the list

and we have our first no-show, he will be getting team 174…

Diobsidian has ask me to pick team 1097

so now we have ThirdRide up and he has till 12:45