I choose team 686, Bovine Intervention out of Linganore High School in Frederick, Maryland. I know a lot about them for some reason.

I’ll take team 357, royal assault!

Will Hanashiro, COME ON DOWN!! You’re the next contestant on Fantasy FIRST.

now up is ogre who has till 12:50

so i guess Will Hanashiro has till 12:50

already done

anyone know if will be updating today since that would help prevent confusion and stop 2 people from picking the same team

You know, Joel’s not here to update the draft site. :ahh:

will gets team 296 so now Ryan Dognaux Ryan Dognaux is up and has till 12:55

I’ll be taking team 192, Gunn Robotics. :]

someone want to keep a list of picks that would be most helpful

ok ill keep a trade list updaterd for the 3rd and final round…

now up is Mike M. who has till 1:00

As it stands now…

197 mtaman02 174
198 Diobsidian 1097
199 ThirdRide 686
200 Ogre 357
201 Will Hanashiro 296
202 Ryan Dognaux 192

thanks for the list, mike m gets team 346

now up is badkarma who has till 1:05

Yea, I am here now. I left to get breakfast.

to speed this up a bit, i’ve decided to go like corey and ifthey aren’t here in a few mins then they get chosen for, ok all?

----------Round 3----------
197 mtaman02- 174
198 Diobsidian- 1097
199 ThirdRide- 686
200 Ogre- 357
201 Will Hanashiro- 296
202 Ryan Dognaux- 192
203 Mike M- 346
204 badkarma- Up Now

Levin, just leave it at the 5min mark, i think thats gunna be quick enough.

badkarma gets 547

now up is M. Krass who has till 1:10

Scouting Data
Now that I got some people’s attention here’s the story:
I have been using a great Scouting Spreadsheet provided by Karthik of Team 1114 (in the white papers section). I have updated it by deleting the Robots picked in rounds 1 & 2 from the “Master” sheet. I think this will help many people with thier difficult 3rd round pick. Also it should help Koko Ed or Jones571 or Levin571 or whoever is in charge at the time, make default picks when JVN List runs out (it will). Could someone our some people try to post a link to this post every few pages so more people can find it? Thanks again to Karthik for the great Scouting tool. Since i can’t attach to a Chit chat post the attachment is in a post in General Forum. Here it is

M. Krass gets 548 so…
now up is Budda648 who has till 1:15