Fantasy FIRST suggestions for next year

Lets put all of our suggestions for Fantasy FIRST next year in one thread, so that we can remember it next year.

My first suggestion is to have an “entry fee”. This makes sure that only people serious about playing sign up. My suggestion of the entry fee is the list of your top 50 picks. That way, things can move a long easier, too.

I could make a sub-forum in the ‘Games’ forum, too, if you guys wanted.

Now that is a great idea!

Ok, I’ve added it.

I say that we get rid of all these trades…which are making the game horribly unbalanced.

The trades give people a chance to bargin and have fun you could just as well be out there trading …

Next year, we will have some kind of a centeralized database for the draft and we will keep the records of all the teams etc. So wedont have to update them by hand what a pain … it should be fairly nice… I was talking to Pit Bull about it earlier.

Less people involved = more chances to craft an alliance you actually want.

How about several different smaller “leagues” instead of one big one?
Different game types?

Better control of trading.

Could be a lot of fun.
We should also get a website to automate everything.


Rules of trading:

  1. All trades involving robots must include at least 1 robot from each party.

  2. All trades not involving robots must result in the correct amount of draft positions (3) for each party.

  3. All participating members must have three robots on their alliance.

I also PM’d Ed earlier about making 4 leagues, one for every division. That would make it easier to keep track of what teams have been drafted.

Brandon, could you let us edit and delete our own posts in this sub-section. It doesn’t seem to have the same permissions as the chit-chat forum.

Any new game variations you guys can think of?

Haha. I typed that exact sentence out earlier, and then erased it, in fear of it looking like I was volunteering to do it :slight_smile:

Heh, integrate that into Ventures while you can! That’d be an awesome game. I haven’t bothered with joining Fantasy FIRST this year because there’s no way I have time to keep up with the draft. Maybe next year, if there’s a better system in place.

Automated site would be perfect. Let us know always who’s pick it is, who has who, have the pre-rankings ( J-V-N style, or from previous years performance ) A site that would let you manage your alliance much like say yahoo would.

I still think adding more to it would be cool, like award winners and such being worth a certain number of pts. I know it sounds somewhat like ventures, but I still think it would be cool to add more dynamics than " who is going to score the most points and win the most matches "

I think that we could possibly hook up some kind of bidding system instead of the drafts, perhaps. Where each participant starts out with the same amount of “currency”, say 30 Mountain Dews. Then we have a list of all the teams, (I also think we might want it to be divided into divisions for leagues, it would make it a lot less hectic) and there would be an auction style bidding on teams. That way, we can have some more competition for teams, but members would have to spread themselves out, because someone could work out where they spend nearly all of their currency on one really strong team, and then have to take cheaper teams. Also this way, it would be harder to build up super powerhouses, but we could have trades between individuals after the picking, but before the Championship.

You know not all of us like Mountain Dew.

i hate that yellow liquidly stuff…

How about diet caffine free mountain dew :wink:

Maybe it could replace Ventures. Ventures, as we knew it, will probably not be back – it will be a whole new game. I will bring up a lengthy discussion about what it should be (maybe Fantasy FIRSt, maybe something completely different … ) after Atlanta.

Or we could incorporate aspects of Ventures into a version of Fantasy FIRST that rewards your selected team for the awards they win.

I would like the draft to work like a live draft on Yahoo Fantasy games with the same type of interface.

Every entrant gets thier own Alliance webspace (could put it in public profile) that lists thier picks and teams. Everyone can visit other’s Alliance webspaces. By clicking on someone else’s picks or teams it brings up a trade window in which you can put yours and thier picks and teams on the table (balanced trades only there is no free agency) and click submit. Submit creates something like a PM to the other person. They can either accept or reject. If they accept, it sends somthing like a PM to the commissioner. The commisioner can either click execute to carryout the fair trade, or veto the unfair one of my 3rd round pick for your 1st rounder.

Before the draft you have a chance to prerank your selections (in a private part of your Alliance space like User CP) which defaults to a ranking system like JVN List (based on avg QPs or some other simple statistic, this is not ment to be definative).

Then on draft day. You go to the live draft area. It automatically cycles through the draft order, giving everyone 10 minutes max to pick. All the teams are separate into division in selection boxes. To pick all you have to do is click on the team you want and click draft. If time runs out on you then it picks from your preranked list.

Definatly less competitors. Preferably, everyone would get 4 robots and 3 would count for a defined number of regionals and Nats. It’s annoying having to pick every single team, since many of them, in the third round, aren’t very good.