Fantasy FIRST Trades

If you are interested in trading, ask them here please. There’s too much clutter in the picking thread.

Hey I have picks 199 and 203 in the third round an I am entertaining trade offers, if interested pm me.

Any chance anyone can document the trades so I can somewhat keep track of who is picking when?

I would like to propes a trade to guyute:

Ok, here is my deal, i will give you my second round pick (number 56 in round 2) and my third round pick (60, in round 3) for team 27 and your last pick (84 in the 3rd round)

W/o the trade your picks left are 73 (round 2) and 84 (round 3)

If you trade me, your picks are 56(2nd round) and 73 (2nd round) and 60 (3rd round)

i hope you like this trade idea (if not i am not offended but i have nothing else that i can give away),

He hasn’t been around today.
Have you PM’d him?

Yeah. I just keep posting it in hopes of getting to him b4 i have to pick.

You can always trade afterwards.

that is true

I want Project X back Dez. I’ll trade you either my last pick or 284.
Whatdya say?

hey i know it would be hard to do but this would be insersting if there was a way to do salary caps. hehe

i want 66! Jack if you read this tell me what you want and ill see what i can do about getting it…I also have great interest in teams 302 and 830. I currently have 1024 and 871 and am not particularly attached to either. Oh, and I ahve the 23rd pick of the final round that i will treade away as well. Let me know

I have to think about this, i have seem to come attached to Project X.

Im considering trade proposals for any of my 3 teams(114, 141, 122). teams i really want:
although I specifically want those teams, I would be willing to trade for a number of other teams. IM or PM me if interested.

HA HA HA that list is hilarious! That’s like asking for Priest Holmes, Peyton Manning, and Marvin Harris all at the same time. You might need to sell yourself into bondage to get those teams.

david66…i really want 871, make me an offer or maybe we can do a three-way trade with jack or something.

BadKarma, since you didn’t respond to my trade offer via PM, I assume that is a no?

Hey I got teams 782 346 and 444 i will entertain trade offers for any of them.
Pm me if you are interested.

im willing to trade teams 342 and 8.

I got 830… and if you can get your hands on team 27, i will gladly echange with you.

I will take offers for teams 48 and 59. Maybe a package deal to someone?