Fantasy First vs. Sim Bucks System to Promote Scouting

Hello all, Our team is working at overhauling scouting. I’m looking at introducing the sim bucks system or something similar to it. Another idea is hosting a fantasy fist system for only the events we are going to. I leaning to the FF idea but I would like more input from other scouters. For scouting as a whole we are moving to online scouting. if that helps with your input. Thanks in advance.

A good way to promote scouting is to engage the scouts in using the data to help with match strategy and, if applicable, alliance selection. I’ve found that when scouts know why they’re scouting and participate in the process of using the data, they are much more likely to engage and possibly enjoy scouting.

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With FF, you’re pretty much trying to guess how well each team will do overall. My understanding of the value of Simbucks is that most of the bets are propositional - e.g. team #### will complete over/under four cargo and four hatch panels in a given match.


True, I do push the importance of scouting and most members agree on the importance. That being said there is a dull moment here or there. Most of our members are on board for the more game-like aspect of scouting.

How would you go about running the FF?

The reason SimBucks works to help promote good scouting is that the “bets” are placed before each match based on the scouts’ data from previous matches. Usually with FF the selection is done before the event starts and remains constant throughout the event. So with normal FF there is no incentive for scouts to scout well at the competition, only pre-competition.

In theory, you could adapt FF so that scouts can “trade” teams mid-competition. But that starts to get complicated to keep it fair for everyone.


When you pick teams generally you want them to do well. I’m not so sure there is this issue.

But if you pick them before the competition starts and can’t change them mid-competition, then there’s no incentive for scouts to scout well during the competition.

from what I’ve heard Simbucks is kind of based off of every match and takes what information was already taken into account. if your looking for incentive i think simbucks would work better. my team is thinking of implementing it.

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Yup. They got pounded.

Generally you are curious/interested in the teams you pick, thus you are interested in how they are doing in relation to the field…

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