Fantasy Football 2006!

It’s June 1, and you know what that means: it’s football season! Okay, fine, we still have to wait three months, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set up the fantasy league. Will the FIRSTforce return as forceful as their championship year last time? Will the curse of the number one seed hold? Am I asking too many questions?

Anyone who’s interested may sign up. Link: League ID#: 3338 Password: deankamen

Note that the settings are far from final. I just selected the “cut & paste from last year” option. I have a few adjustments to make.

Also, I didn’t have the guts to say it last year, but I will now: GO COWBOYS!

Man this is early but I will not be left out in the cold.*
Koko’S X-Cats reporting fir duty!

*besides which… who’s gonna write the pregame reports?

I’m in, Cooney Quest MiniCamp starts next week.

I’m in. Eat My Shorts hopes you do as our name indicates.

Amazin’ Blue is back after a year off!

Evil Trav’s Minions look forward to dominating the competition in 2006.

The Scapegoats are back!!

Hey, I got interested in doing this when talking to Jeff, so I decided I’d try my luck with this. I wish you all luck in your endeavours, you’ll need it.

I have yet to come up with a witty and/or cool name for my team, but it will come…oh yes, it will come.

Edit: Beware, the Meatball Artists are coming.

Why not?

I also have a league for those who would like to join

ID#: 219728 PW: jedigoodman

Are we live drafting in this league?

eddie never live drafts

Yeah, there’s always going to be someone who can’t make it, and I don’t like putting those teams at a disadvantage.

Also, I’ll have my commissioner’s note up over the weekend. There’s a few point and position alterations going in as well.

One more further thing of note: I got a rather ingenious suggestion in my email a couple days back. In order to prevent a situation like last year in which there were a few teams which did not participate whatsoever (essentially giving free wins to certain teams before I stepped in), I am going to require all managers to check in with me by the 20th (that’s 10 days). What this means is you can post here, the league board, email me, AIM me, etc., with your team name, saying you’re ready to go, and you’re set. ALL TEAMS WHO DO NOT CHECK IN BY THE 20TH WILL BE REMOVED!!! I really don’t want to have to go through the rosters with a zillion guys on IR and alter them again. I’m sure you all understand.

That being said, I’d like to draft around the 31st. I think that’s all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit around my TV, mulling over TO’s “injury”. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Indiana Ironmen are ready to go! Time to dominate! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Yeah… so when I said “over the weekend”, I never actually said which weekend I’d get the commissioner’s note up. :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, my lawnmower’s engine blew up and I was outside all Sunday fixing it. Anyhow, 10 teams have checked in so far (plus there’s me). Hopefully, I’ll be able to do my final changes and have the commish’s note up this coming weekend. Also, the check-in date still holds.

Yay, TO’s practicing!

Okay, in the end, there were five teams who didn’t check in. They were [font=&quot][font=Verdana]Epsilon Delta, [/font][/font]FreedomForce, Amazin’ Blue, Ni, & The Blitz. Those teams are free to rejoin before the draft if there’s room. As it stands now though, there are five (5) open spots. For anybody who wishes to join: Link: League ID#: 3338 Password: deankamen

No need to check in, but I’d appreciate at least a post here saying hi. The predraft commissioner’s note is up. I also have a few scoring and player tweaks to make before the draft. I plan on running the draft around the 31st.

I think that’s it.

I’ve been out of the CD loop for awhile (big project wrapping up at work) but I’m still planning on playing FF. I re-registered Amazin’ Blue.

Ok, I think I have the scoring set. I’ll run the draft Sunday night, so get your pre-draft picks set before then.

Also, there are two (2) spots open for anyone who’s interested. Once the draft comes, that’s it. Once again, link: League ID#: 3338 Password: deankamen

Where’s the draft?

Pigskin pickem on espn.
private group name FIRST Robotics
password woodie

Eliminator Pool also on ESPN
private group name FIRST Robotics
password woodie