Fantasy FRC Website Revival


The FantasyFRC Website here has been inactive since 2015. I thought a good offseason project would be to update it to the TBA v3 API and get it ready for the 2020 season. Does anyone want this, or is it a waste of time? My new repo is here, though I haven’t committed anything yet.


@jtrv has done some work on a site, his code is available here. There have also been discussions of moving to a discord bot running in the SLFF discord server. Maybe hop in the discord if you’re interested in playing next year?


warning: not very high quality code

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Think its a tiny bit late

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Think its a tiny bit late

Just a little bit. I wanted to play with people and I think it’d be best played on a platform designed for it.

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FF is to the point where if you want to start, you just can’t really. If someone can make one that’s intuitive, that would be awesome


Well what do you want to see? I’d like to get input from potential users as I go along. Number one priority is updating to a decent API, but a secondary priority and the primary one once the update is complete will always be user experience.


Do you mean SLFF, or the site itself?


It needs to be able to pull data (autoscoring among other possible purposes), and have the ability to run drafts. The catch is that drafts can have some variety in terms of how they run, depending on type.

Those two criteria are what I would consider to be the bare minimum for a FF site. Ideally (for Season Long) having the ability to have a group of drafts would be great.
Now, the ability to run drafts comes with some additional subrequirements. Like taking input (draft lists from players).


I think it would be interesting to see something similar to current fantasy sports. People would be able to create their own leagues. Each league has a draft, and each player in the league can draft 4 teams to be on their alliance each week from the pool of teams playing that week. That way, players can accumulate points based on how well the teams do, either similar to the district points system or purely robot-performance wise. Each week, a player would go head to head against another player, and based on how many points they scored, receive a win or a loss. The records are accumulated throughout the season and the player with the best W/L record wins. I’m not a programmer by any means, so I have no clue whether this is feasible or not, but I think that a system that is already popular in professional sports could work fairly well for FRC as well.


Just to throw it out there, all of the top 3 teams this year were comprised entirely of rookies. If you’re willing to put in the time it’s totally possible.

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That’s pretty similar to the way that the current site works. Users can commission their own leagues. One of the issues I’ve run into is the application not properly parsing TBA data, but that’s a problem that can be solved.

That’s also a thing in the current codebase, it’s detailed here


Huh, didn’t realized this already existed. I wanted to build out my programming skills, and I thought a fantasy FRC website would be a fun project.

Only made it so far as to request a price for Too bad they quoted me a $65,000. Tad bit out of my price range.

Anyways, this might be something I help with in the future, when I decide to sit down and actually work on a CS project.


Just a little bit up there for FRC members, heh. I can set it up on a subdomain of my site, but I think it’s fine with the appspot URL.


The less html-y it looks the better, but I really don’t have any preferences.


Both really


Both @Erik2175 and myself solo’ed SLFF this year (not smart tbh but w/e) and both finished in the top 50%, the Top 3 during the season this year are all rookies, and theres offseason drafts to get people oriented which is how basically all of us started out. The only thing thats hard is showing up to the drafts, and thats not even hard if youre not dumb enough to do it solo.


There’s a better burn there, but we’ll let that slide.

I still make most of the drafts no problem, except DCMPs. It’s called “send a list in”.

There are a couple of leagues (not on CD) that will run the sports model. There’s also nothing saying that someone can’t run one on CD, or elsewhere. I don’t have a monopoly on FF; nobody does. I’m actually surprised nobody ran a Free-for-all league at some point–that’s literally the lowest entry bar for FF you can have (pick 3 teams that aren’t the same 3 as anybody else at your event).


The original codebase uses bootstrap, and I plan to continue that.

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Actually since 2015 me and a few friends have done that.

This year they changed it up a bit but the premise was with 6 of us each choosing 6 teams. It was 1 regional each week, and then a few district champs. The scoring was automated this time around using blue alliance. One of the guys was working on a system to set it up for next year where teams can use our system and request their own league.
I know hes currently working on it but may have taken a little break with traveling to Detroit.