Farewell, Chief Delphi.

That would be Jay Trzaskos. I’m [strike]slightly[/strike] rather alarmed that I knew that.

Link to Confirm

On a more serious note, I don’t spend nearly as much time on CD/FIRST as a used to, but I’ve noticed similar trends with regard to people pulling the “GP Card” all the time. It’s never been pulled at me, so its been much more a grumbling point for myself. Its too bad it got to you Craig, good luck wherever you after this.

This is sad that something like this has to happen. I will definitely miss your CAD’s.

Goodbye, I hope this shows a lesson to all FIRSTers


I just tried to use your CD contact info to send you an email - The attempt failed. CD tells me it failed because you no longer wish to receive emails through CD…

If you are still paying enough attention to CD to see this (or if someone else knows how to forward this to Craig), please send me an email (see my sig info below) - We can commiserate :slight_smile:

In what was perhaps a similar situation, you could certainly color me surprised after some of the __ (adjectives fail me) messages and replies I got when I stirred the prejudices of some other folks in this thread http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66664

You would have thought I was advocating the downfall of human civilization instead of looking for a dispassionate discussion of whether the non-linear nature of the alliance drafting processes of typical FIRST-related competitions can create some odd situations that can lead to counter-intuitive strategies.

I haven’t chosen to pull the plug. Maybe there is a third option. Beware false dichotomies.


I know where you’re coming from.

Although i haven’t been insulted much on CD, i have noticed a sort of aversion to my posts. while many people look at them, no one responds, even to simple questions i ask to try and get help.

a few months back, one of my posts hit 1000 views, and only one or two responses,

and, whats worse, almost every post i’ve ever set on CD, has hit 200 views, and only a coupple have had more than 2 replies!

I know it might seem unrelated, but i’ve felt somewhat let down by CD users when a post asking a question will sit sometimes over 3 months before a single reply.

I’ll be sad to see you go, but may soon folow you out the door.

I’ve been a great fan pf your cad, and hope you’ll keep putting up pictures every oce and a while.


You guys think it’s bad here?
You ought to try other boards and I’d think you’d appreciate the CD community alot more than you do. It’s like these other boards don’t even have moderators and 75% of the postings are nothing more than personal attacks.
Trust me. CD is an oasis in the wasteland that is the internet.

People misuse GP because they see Dean as some sort of whimsical cross between the Nutty Professor and Mister Rogers and think that FIRST is Disney World and we’re all going to happily hold hands around the campfire and sing happy songs all day long.
It’s not anything near that.
In fact GP is really not a judgmental tool it’s an operation procedure on how to work alongside ANY FIRST team, whether you like them or not.
It’s not about being nice to one another. It’s about finding common ground in spite of whatever differences you may or may not have to get the job done.

Craig, I’ll miss you, every time I see your avatar a logical and kind response is below it. You post some of the most amazing CAD i have ever seen. My first question ever posted on CD was answered by you, Sorry to see you go:(

I know why you are doing this. I don’t blame you one bit. I think you should take a break but not completely give up.

Max Ehrmann said this in a poem * called Desiderata:

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

http://mwkworks.com/desiderata.html … The whole thing is quite neat actually.


I am going to be very blunt on this post and I don’t care a BIT if anyone has to disagree with me. Also, there are quiet a few things I agree upon that you pointed out in your post.

We are not all the same people and we don’t think the same. Heck I know you and me had some disagreements on different things. So what? Does that mean, any of us walked away?

As many would agree with me on this one (or at least I hope they will), in the real world, its about competition. It’s about politics (even though I am sure a lot of us don’t like that). We are slowly experiencing that. Does that mean you have to give up?

I am sure there are many people who doesn’t like me here on CD. And… ask me if I care? I will still voice my opinion if I think it’s worth it. For that, if I am to receive a negative rep, it doesn’t matter to me. They are only green dots. The students’ lives that I have touched or passed my knowledge onto often tell me how much they appreciate me and that’s enough for me.

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who said, “A person should know to do what you love despite what other people say.” I find it a good advice for members here on CD and for members involved in FIRST.

With that being said, as Jane said, “Stay;” that’s the only thing I want to say as well. It is your decision after all. If I don’t see you here around on CD, good luck with all the projects you are involved in and I am sure you will do great.

I agree with that…I know I’ll be taking a long break from FIRST and CD over the summer, starting to plan out stuff for colleges and the rest of high school. Just chill for a while.


I’ve been idolizing your CAD drawings for the last couple months, I even have a bulletin board across my wall with lots of CAD drawings, many from yourself. Basically, your crazy and cool swerve drawings is what first introduced me into CAD, since then, I’ve “played” more on Autodesk Inventor than my previous gaming addiction (Guild Wars, Warcraft, etc…). Thanks for your inspiration! Stay in touch!

To second what Jane has said, here’s another good quote:

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. – Walt Disney


If you choose to leave then ‘they’ have won. I understand the feelings (PM me for my political issues I’ve faced in the last 4 months) but to leave only strengthens those who do not understand what GP really is all about.

GP is a code which is lived by, not a yardstick to measure others by.

I’m sorry if some have tried to judge you (using ‘GP’ as their yardstick … again PM me about this, I know how you feel) but now is the time to stand up to ‘them’, because it’s easy to be a leader when things go right, but it shows the true mettle of a leader when you feel you are being tested by those you have respected and looked up to.

CD is a place for discussion of ideas, even ones that are not popular. If you do choose to leave I will miss your posts and your skills and FIRST will have lost a good person. It is my hope that you reconsider.

Oh come on guys, he’s moving on with his life. Despite what some people have thought, this is healthy and good. It’s not good to stay around leeching off that once great feeling of competing in HS. I wish Craig all the luck in the world and I know he will do great things and make engineering more interesting and inspire others, with or without FIRST.

Joe - When I read his swan song message, I get a different impression - Blake

Craig, You will be missed. Your CAD drawings have helped me understand some of the most complex systems in FIRST. I’ve always looked up to you because you were one of the very few to challenge people here. And you did it in such a way that was professional beyond anyone I’ve ever met our age. You’ve also been one of the very few to challenge the politics of CD and FIRST in general. We all see it happen and we let it happen. I’ve seen many of your posts labeled by others as UN-GP and I think that they’re fine and they’re within the what is right on the topic. But they must be read throughly to be understood. I’m sad to see you go, you will be missed by many.

First off, I hate to see you go. As stated above, I think that a break is healthy if that is what you are after. At my high school, I was the best draftsmen for two years. There was only one in the school I considered my equal in skill. You, however, have always been my goal. I would love to compete against you in CAD despite my certainty of defeat. It would just be an honor.

Secondly, I can’t think of a single thing you have said that was the least bit GP and I would like to defy anyone here to find me a post worthy of a red dot.

In my opinion: If you aren’t willing to get attacked for your opinions, then they aren’t very strong opinions and are not worth having.

WARNING: Any of you that thinks that you can control GP by annoying any who disagree, know that there will always be another that appears where the other has left. Know, that though you might have gotten rid of Craig, I have no intention of letting his ideals leave with him.

Anyone who wants, give me red dots. I’ve worked hard to earn them. I’ve been careful to make sure my every word was kind. Making sure to make no enemies. I will not be doing this in the future. In the past I’ve let annoyances slide, but this is the last straw. I, for one, take your attacks upon Craig as attacks upon the community and myself. I will not forget.

You and I have never met, but I am certain that if we went to the same school, we would have been good friends.

In reply to everyone who is relating this to dots, just a reminder, that’s all they are, dots. They have no power over your attitude, personality, or beliefs.
Craig, I am going to miss you. I have always looked up to your points of view as you have brought in some interesting ones that have made me think. I wish you would stay, but if you feel this is what you need to do then this is what you need to do. Just remember, don’t let that 5% of people ruin the other 95% of us.

you will be missed. your perspective on FIRST and the things that are involved with it are ones i look up to. ive been in situations where the lack of knowing what GP is has gotten to a point to where im moving on im with you in your fight and someday it will get better.

best wishes :slight_smile:


And some people need to get angry to let go.

I don’t know about this quitting CD business, kinda actually makes sense, seeing how you’re going off to college (I should probably do the same lol :o)…

But I think your real gripe is not with CD at all but with 114. Ever since they kicked you off you’ve been kind of upset and its shown in your posts (probably why people negative repped you).

I’m pretty good friends with some of the people on your team so I have a rough idea of why you got kicked off. For the sake of privacy I won’t share that here, but it involved some sort of a fight over robot design/construction…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being the “head engineer” for my team its “never give up.” People will constantly find problems with everything you design and build - sometimes going so far as to ridicule you. Even worse, sometimes physics finds problems with your designs :ahh: , and people are like “I told you so!” But guess what. That’s what engineering is all about. If nobody pointed out the problems, the robot wouldn’t work.

Take criticism as advice, listen to people’s ideas (even if they’re really stupid ideas), be patient, synthesize ideas, and never, EVER, GIVE UP!

-Martin T.