Farthest shot in competition?

I’m just wondering what the farthest shot made by a robot at competition has been. I know that a team managed to pull off a full court shot in practice, but with the heat of the match going on around them, I really doubt they can repeat themselves.

The farthest I have seen was a shot from on top of the co-opertition bridge by my team. We did it during our last qualifying match, we shot two balls into the 2-point goal.

At the Rochester regional i saw a robot shoot a ball from directly infront of the red bridge and score in the top, At the ba systems regional we shot from ontop the blue bridge and it hit the rim and bounced off

At the Chesapeake regional we saw a team score from the other side of the barrier between the bridges and make it into the top basket.

Our team made a shot from the other side of the barrier and it was going into the mid hoop when our partner shot their ball into the same goal and knocked ours away. It didn’t go in but it was too close not to call! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really by a robot but one of my teams in-bounders through a 3 pointer( top row)

Our team hasn’t been to competition yet but we are capapable of making the top basket from the other side of the barrier, and that is not even running the wheels at 100% speed.

Our team was just beyond the barrier. Two balls loaded, intended to shoot one, but two balls came out. Second ball was under powered since shooter rollers had not spun back up. Wait for it… 3 pt + 1pt scored. I’m going to look for this on my personal video collection.

That’s inconceivable!


Andy B.

And here’s the proof:

what is the design of your shooter?

Two 8" AM wheels, one axle (below ball) , two motors (can’t recall which ones-- AM or Banebot, I think) Statically adjustable hood angle-- no adjustment during match. Top basket range from 10’ to about 35’

Thanks Andy!

Insert shameless plug for AndyMark products here: Shooter is powered by two AM-0912 motors driving the single axle.

The other thing John left out - the entire shooter (along with the rest of the robot) is made out of plywood, except for the motor mount/gearbox assy and the axle.

The intimidation factor of making 5 in a row on the practice field from beyond the barrier should never be underestimated :slight_smile:

Well I know this doesnt count as actually making a shot, but the FeMaidens brother team, the SciBorgs shot a ball that hit one of the curtains hanging next to the field at the very top, it was shot about (this is a really rough estimate) 40 ft in the air, and about 25ish ft away from the robot, at the Chesapeake Regional

Well it wasn’t at competition but 4159 made a full court shot.

here’s the video, but we can actually shoot 100+ Feet.

Our shooter has 4 8 in wheels two axels each run by a fisherprice motor in an AM planetary gearbox

Team 2630 made a full court shot into the lower basket at a practice match in the Israeli Regional. It happened only once…

You have to watch the whole video, it’s only about 2 minutes. But we are capable of making consistent half court shots with our launcher. We designed to have balls drop into a hopper from the inbounding station and then we drive right up to the barrier in the same spot every time.


That launcher is awesome! It looks like a crossbow!