Fast place to get belts

Hi my team needs some 5mm pitch 15mm wide and 380 + tooth belts fast because we are competing at Miami valley on Wednesday is there any place where I could be able to get these belts

We went through a number of belt suppliers this season, and seemed to have the fastest fulfillment for us.


Also… Amazon has belts. Not sure if they have the exact ones you need, or can get them to you, but they have them.

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napa is where we got some of ours

380 teeth long is a MASSIVE belt… sure you don’t mean 380mm long?
McMaster has a site in Cleveland, the part may be in stock there and you could pick it up same day

We just ordered from the poly belt site and we need greater than 380 tooth because we are using it to climb

If you are using it to climb (and you’re sure it will be strong enough for this purpose?), is it possible you don’t need a continuous belt loop? Because then it is much easier / cheaper to source long belts. If you are using it in something like an elevator, where you won’t ever actually use the full belt’s travel for more than one revolution, you can use a length of belt and clamp the ends to something rather than a continuous loop.

More urgently - your competition is tomorrow. Are you sure you can’t just use roller chain, which is much more readily available and stronger?

We are not using a continuous loop and we tested with a old belt 10+ years and broke it yesterday but after 17 total lifts and some bolts sticking out scraping the belt so we are confident that the belts should hold and we are cleaning up the bolts

Look for open-end or “cut to length” timing belt of your spec, rather than a specific tooth count. This will be much, much easier to source.

You might consider using #25 chain. You can get it in whatever length you want.

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Designatronics has pretty good turn around time. They also have some good design tools as well.

Careful there… Belt: $4. Shipping: $50

Never said they were a good or preferred source… just that they had 'em.

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