FAST: Powerful Real-Time Scouting System from 4256

We on team 4256 were tired of drowning in scouting sheets or hacking together custom database systems for every competition, so a couple of years ago we set out to build a more robust and easy-to-use mobile scouting system. After lots of development we came out with FAST. We have used it successfully as our primary tool at many regionals, and we’d love to share it with everyone. Any feedback or want to help contribute just contact us at

FAST is a modern scouting and event information application for the FIRST Robotics Competition. It enables all the scouts and strategists on your team to easily access all of your team’s data. Scouted data and match information is transmitted seamlessly from the stands straight to the pit so your team can make actionable decisions about gameplay strategy and alliance selection and, most importantly, win!

Never deal with loads and loads of paper scouting sheets or complex, hard-to-manage custom computer scouting systems ever again. FAST is easy enough for a rookie team to get started with, yet powerful enough to support the data needs of a large, world-class team.

FAST supports easy adding of the event you are attending using The Blue Alliance’s database seamlessly in the background. FAST simply pulls down all event data including team and match information, match scores, match times, and more. All data is presented in a clean and concise manner centering around the teams attending.

FAST puts making actionable decisions for team picking first. Everyone on your team can use their own device to scout teams and matches, update information and notes, and easily visualize stats using informative graphs and team sorting.


  • Easy importing of Events using The Blue Alliance integration
  • CSV Exporting
  • Stands Scouting
  • Pit Scouting
  • Syncing of scouted data between all of your team’s scouts so that everyone always has access to the most up to date information
  • Custom ordering of teams for top alliance picks
  • Recording of Team stats, custom notes, and robot photos
  • Alliance Picking mode to mark a team as already picked for an alliance ensuring your team is always picking the best available partners when it comes time to choose alliances (simply swipe left on a team to mark them as picked)

Team Stats and Details Tracked

  • Robot Size and Weight
  • Robot Capabilities
  • Drive Train
  • Programming Language
  • OPR
  • DPR
  • CCWM
  • Win-Loss-Tie Record
  • Images of team robots
  • Cargo and Hatch placement information
  • Climb and Assist Status
  • Starting Position and Loaded Game Piece
  • Much More

How it works

  • Log into your (or make a) team account
  • Select event to scout
  • Scouts in the stands will record details of the matches (usually 6 in the stands for each team competing)
  • Scouts on the floor will pit scout all details of the teams attending the event
  • All data is synced and visualizable on all team members’ devices

The FRC Advanced Scouting Touchstone (FAST) was developed by FRC Team 4256 The Cyborg Cats.

FAST - FRC Scouter by Aaron Kampmeier


This is all really cool and it’s great to have an iOS app to recommend now as an off the shelf scouting system for teams. Is there a reason you included DPR? It’s pretty widely acknowledged that DPR is a really, really bad estimate of defensive ability.


is there any way you can post a Android version of this.

Yeah I understand the concerns with DPR, however some teams still like to look at it. DPR fits in nicely right next to OPR and CCWM. It’s really just a blue alliance stat that we populate in the app for convenience. FAST does not provide any guidance on using those stats, as it points towards online resources for understanding OPR, DPR, and CCWM and what they could mean.

We don’t have the resources to make an Android version as well. But we would be more than willing to collaborate with someone to make an Android version (or any other client for that matter). All of the backend data storage and syncing is abstracted away from the client, so it is very adaptable.

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Would it be possible to have a way to see the data from like a website. not input data but just to see it. if i was capable of software programming i would try to help you but sadly that not something i am capable of.

There’s not a way at the moment, however you can export all of the team’s stats to a CSV file and them work with that in Excel wherever and however you wish.

ok. i have been having an issue of the match scouting data not getting saved. Do you know why this could be.

Does it show any errors after leaving stands scouting? If you weren’t connected to the internet when you stands scout, you will need to connect to the internet now and open FAST so it can save the scouted data.

Hey so I downloaded this app and it looks great. Unfortunately though, when I was first testing it out, I made a team account with the email cause I didn’t know you can only have one account per team number, and I obviously wasn’t able to verify it. So now we can’t actually have an account with our actual team number, which is kind of a problem. Is there any way to delete the account for under 4456 or make it under an accessible email? Thanks

Also I thought it might be helpful for teams to be able to edit data from stands scouting matches in case they make a mistake

Thank you so much! It’s working now

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Yes we’re looking into adding that feature. However it’s not high on our list as we thought that already scouted matches are hard to retroactively analyze and see what actually happened short of watching tons of video. Also any errors in input by the scouts are expected to be minor and generally average out with the other match data scouted for a given team. But yes we’re keeping this in mind!

Ok I have some additional suggestions after testing it out. Most of them are probably very low priority but just ideas I suppose:

  • When you are in an event, and hit matches on the bottom left menu, then hit second scouting session, the app crashes. I also don’t quite understand what you mean by first/second
  • I noticed the timer wasn’t exactly right, since autonomous lasts 15 seconds in matches but 20 on the app. Also, I imagine you might as well automatically end the match after 2:30 unless you have a reason not to
  • During matches, having to click twice for an action takes focus away from the robot, and isn’t always necessary (dropped game piece opens new option that just says dropped so kinda redundant). I was also thinking of a more simple interface something like this which groups by game piece and has each action directly available
  • There are often matches were robots are disabled for the majority of the time or the whole match, so I think it would be useful if teams could selectively include/exclude certain matches from their stat compiling for this reason
  • I have no idea if this is possible, but perhaps a Bluetooth sync for data cause at our last competition there was no wifi and they told us about 50 times to turn off our hotspots since they interfere with the field. Again I don’t know if that’s possible
  • Finally, if its simpler to add an undo button to remove the most recent input while scouting than to make it possible to edit afterwards, that would be nice. Also a running point tally towards the top of the screen would be really neat but not at all necessary ha

So yeah I know that this is a lot and basically all super small suggestions that could amount to too much work. But I just thought I’d share my thoughts for some feedback. But overall the app is so amazing and functional and I’m sure our team will be using it at all upcoming competitions

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Thanks for all the suggestions; I’ll definitely take a look at them! Some notes:

  • The timer in Stands scouting is designed to automatically stop autonomous at 20 seconds to give the scouts about 5 seconds of leeway to enter anything in from the last second of autonomous. To end it early (or right at 15 sec) just click the “End Autonomous” button.
  • Bluetooth sync is not possible. We actually prototyped with this a couple years ago and it was just horrible and didn’t work well at all. Despite the inconvenience of needing an internet connection, it is just the best way to actually sync data reliably and quickly. To avoid using wifi hotspots you can use FAST on phones or iPads with cellular plans, you also could try a tethered hotspot, or you can just use the wifi at the competition place. I’ve noticed both of the regionals I’ve been to this year have had wifi of their own.

A possible idea to add in the future is the ability to match scout without an active data connection.

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You can match scout without an internet connection! Anything scouted while offline is saved to be synced when connected again. Just make sure you connect to the internet sometime after you finish scouting to sync your data.

Could you add an indicator (like an email outbox) to show if there is offline data that has not been synced? It would be great if it also showed what data has not been synced.

that wired as we can do pit scouting just fine but match scouting will not work. it looks like it is working but it doesn’t save it. it shows it as successful but we cant see any of the data afterwards. we have been doing this all in testing if there is specific that we have to do please tell me as we would really love to use your scouting app.

Can you contact me at with a more detailed explanation of your problem? What are the steps to reproduce this issue? Is it happening just when you try to scout something offline or both online and off? What match are you trying to scout? I’d love to try and resolve this for you.