What is the fastest robot ( In feet per second ) in the overdrive challenge?

Team 102 won the “Gearhead” trophy at the championship.

1519’s robot was also pretty fast.

2016, 118, 148 … the list goes on.

Uhhhhhh…is it just me or is this discussion in the wrong forum?

Anyone know any specs… I know team 2560 could go about 30 fps.

148 has nowhere near the top speed in f/s that many other teams did. 148 just tended to be a lot more agile and better driven.

I don’t really think having the fastest robot is really that important. It may be cool to say our robot goes xx feet/sec, but how often does that really come into play? I think being quick or efficient in all tasks (in this game turning, pickup, hurdling) is more important than just straight ahead speed. It’s like drafting a player lineman based on his forty time; only the first few yards (getting off the line/pulling) really matter.

Some operational figure-of-merit for lap-running performance, other than gearing and wheel size, would be more interesting. Maybe average number of laps completed during teleo? Or maybe highest qualifying seed?

148 seeded #1 at St. Louis, and Tumbleweed certainly looked faster than most of the robots there. Maybe 1098’s little red Ferrari was faster (?); they seeded #2 at Oklahoma City.

Which other racerbots seeded high?

I agree with XaulZan11. Even though some robots may go up to 30FPS, how much pushing power do they have so they can make laps? I know 148 was faster than us, but in the Bayou Regional, we could made more laps than they did, and I believe we actually held the record for the most laps in a single match at the Bayou Regional. Don’t quote me on this because I don’t have concrete facts and I’m going off of memory and scouting.

We didn’t really focus on lapping in New Orleans. Most matches we were playing a defensive role. This greatly reduced our lap count. As the season went on and the game developed, so did our strategies. This resulted in drastically different play between St. Louis (week 1) and New Orleans (week 5).

Our team focuses on continuous improvement. We knew that bringing our St Louis game to New Orleans would be foolish. (Though, I think we all wish the auton would have been up to the STL level.)

364 has an incredible machine, and they are a great team. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at IRI. It was cool to see such a great hurdler could also function well as a lap-bot.

This is true. We are geared at about 20 ft/s free-speed. During the build season we were geared as high as 30 ft/s free-speed, but this turned out to be foolish.

Our goal was to build a robot which was fast on the field, not fast in a drag race. Our experimentation and iteration showed that we were faster and more consistent with a slower top-speed (it is weird to describe 20fps as “slower”).

This is why we would get beat easily by some other lap-bots in drag-races, or in open-field lap-races. However, this system was not intended for either of those scenarios, ours was designed to compete in a FIRST Overdrive match, with 5 other robots. shrug

We may be one of the fastest robots, but we are not the fastest.
Kudos to all the teams who can toast us!


your right it is much better to be a well rounded team…but as for our team(2560) we chose to be simple and fast as a rookie team. i was just wondering as a rookie team how we did in comparison to veteran teams at our chosen field. as for going 30FPS on the small playing field we programed our motors to “brake” for the turns wich helped out emensly. but if someone got in front of us we would do a few revolutions trying to get around them.

sorry i am new at chief delphi

if you want to see our robot our video is on (we are the fast one…)

While I was attending the Jersey regional this past season, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the mentors and some students from Team 102. One of their mentors stated that they were moving 27 fps. To my knowledge, I believe they were the fastest robot we have seen on the field this past season. As far as build season video’s go, 148’s tumbleweed was the fastest. As John stated, they slowed tumbleweed down during the competition.

I will be seeing them this weekend, so I will make sure to ask, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see 930 in the 25 range. I know Wobot 141 was 22 in high gear if I remember correctly.

what about 1024 and 1114? both pretty fast bots…

Suprisingly we were only about 13-15 fps. Wobot was significantly faster then us when they went into high gear. We just concentrated pretty much completely on laps. Our max laps in tele was 11(dunno what were gonna do this weekend… laps or defense depends on the rule changes i guess). This just shows you don’t need to be fast to make laps

I think 254’s bot was crazy fast… They probably could have done 6 lines in auto easily given the time…


I definitely noticed 148’s transition to a defensive bot, especially at the championship. I congratulate your team’s success. I believe I watched one of the videos with your team geared to 30FPS. When Tumbleweed went around a corner, it tipped on its side (can’t really say one or two wheels). I would hate to keep control of the robot going at that speed.

Our robot is geared right around 15FPS, with 6WD and 4 CIMS. We could have been much faster if we had wished, but we ended up going with a mid-speed robot with a lot of power. In autonomous we had to ramp up our start because we would make a wheelie. I believe our robot is fast enough and strong to be competitive. I only really wish our hurdling ability was a little better, but we were worried about our COG with more mechanisms toward the top of the robot.