Fastest Cargo Ship Time?

This year Team 3216 built one of our best performing robots to date. We were mainly cargo dedicated and could reach any level with our elevator for both hatch and cargo. We were most pleased with our fast cycles for cargo. We completed the cargo ship solo in just about 45 seconds without defense on us (we were in low gear the entire time though, so we could have pushed away defensive bots).

Now I am sure we aren’t the fastest at cargo ship, so I am wondering what are some of the fastest times that teams have been able to complete it?

Are we including only full cargo ships that used no null hatch panels? Or are we assuming a minimum number of null hatch panels?

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I’m interested to know where you got your statistic from that said you can complete the cargo ship in 45 seconds.

As for Indiana, purely low bots was a field dominated by 1646, 1720, 3940, and 6956. Both 1720 and 3940 were all around robots, where 1646 and 6956 were focused on cargo.
Below is a match from 1646 at Indiana state champs.

Over all however, 2910 is the fastest.

I’m confused, this is neither a solo cargo ship, nor a full one?
One of the bots on the other alliance had done 2 cargo. The 3216 robot scored 4 cargo in the cargo ship, not eight.


I agree with this. And the above question of definition of what is a completed cargo ship. For 4004, we would finish the six cargo null panel bays in roughly 45 sec as well in best scenarios, but I still would not claim this as a cargo ship solo.

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