Favorite 2014 Robots?

What are some of your favorite robots from this past year and why? My votes would have to go to 610 and 254 because of their phenomenal intakes and shooting accuracy (both of whom I also got to see compete at North Bay and Waterloo).

Hat Hat Hat!

A number of really well engineered robots I can think of-
177- really high release point made them really hard to block and I don’t think I ever saw them miss
846- Dozens of really cool details went into this machine to make it great at assisting and scoring high goals.
2485- The phenomenal scoring capabilities as well as the other details- like great human loading make this machine another personal favorite of mine.

A couple really cool robots I know of:
1126- Sparx’s cannon was a sight to behold and pretty scary on the field. It also helps that we won a regional with them :).
900- I was extremely skeptical at first, but these guys proved to the world that their crazy design could compete at the highest levels. With better luck these guys easily could have been on Einstein for their first year at the World Championship.
27- Their design seems really simple- and it is. But the way their collector works is extremely effective at getting assists by passing on the field or through the human player.
4048- A simple and effective trusser with a goalie stick. There’s a reason they won Battlecry. All they needed all year was a top-tier finisher to bring them to the top.
330- A two-sided collector and a weird shooting mechanism would normally make this a slightly above-average robot. An incredible drive team who knows how to make their machine effective makes the Beach Bots so good this year. And a goalie stick to boot.

971, 469, and 1114 were mine.

I’ve always liked the rotating turret shooter of 2826’s Charybdis. Very cool design and visually appealing as well. It’s a shame they didn’t get to play at CMP this year.

254, 971, 2056, 33, 1678, 469, 973, 4488, 3476, 987, 2485, and 368

254 is the cliché response, but their overwhelmingly dominant robot was also one of the most unique of the year. Even though they’re everyone’s favourite, they’re mine too.

Is that 2014 specific? :rolleyes:

Probably 1717, they were my favorite wheeled-shooter this year and their swerve drive wins me over all the time. In a game with so much defense it was awesome to see them weave around defenders left and right.


How have I not seen this until now?

33, 180, 179, 1065 and 2451.

  • slight Florida bias.

Mine was 4488, 33 or 254. Obviously everyone knows about 254, but 4488 had a very good shooter and rarely missed. They also had a almost 100% double hot goal autonomous. 33 had a great shooter, and great inbound from HP.

probably 3313. The hammer was super cool.

842- Their pneumatic system was amazing, it gave them consistent shots from the low goal to the white zone. Combined with their very consistent 2 ball auto they were my favorite robot this year.

1678- They had a fairly simple shooter, two-sided pickup system, and a excellent drivetrain. Their drive team was able to communicate with any other team and for am excellent strategy, and huge reason they did so well this year.

Love the hat, but I think it falls in second to magic smoke.


254, 1114, 4039

254, 3847, 971, 610, 1678

1114, 254, 4592 (:p), 180, 1717, 118, and 179 + 1251.

The hat!!! As well as 3313, 2175, and 706. Slight state bias. I wish I could have payed more attention to regionals outside of my state but my internet connection is never the best.

1711 had one of the most unique designs this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQY3FD4p6cA